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Claude Darroze, Langon


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We were in France & Spain between Xmas and New Year.

Flying into Bordeaux early evening, we intended to spend only one evening in the vicinity and I couldn't really face the aggro of navigating Bordeaux for only one night. It was also a Monday and I'd heard mixed reports on eGullet about La Tupina on these pages.

Checking out ViaMichelin (a rather good site) we discovered Claude Darroze, only about 20kms east of Bordeaux. Michelin Starred with rooms. It looked ideal.

The hotel is in the centre of a perfectly pleasant French town with small if well decorated modern rooms. It had been about 18 months since my last visit to France and it was a lovely reintroduction to the charms of French cooking.

It's good hearty south west food with a bit of finesse, but not detracting from solid and careful cooking.

The amuses were a pleasure to see - foie gras with champagne jelly, salmon tartare and mushroom soup. No intricacies, just great flavours. It's not often one can get excited by amuses, but I was giddy with delight, having been starved of decent Foie living in Australia.

I followed this up with a leak and foie terrine - again good solid cooking. My wife opted for a ceviche of scallops on a bed of fennel with truffled cream sauce. What's not to like?

Main courses were hake cooked basque style & wild boar with venison sauce. They also went down well.

Continuing the full-on reintroduction in to France, there was the obligatory cheese course, baba rhum with delicious Canneles to finish.

There are photos and more commentary on my blog, but suffice to say this was a thoroughly decent meal and well worth checking out if anybody is the vicinity. Prices are fair with menus starting at 40 euros. enjoy

The next day we ventured to Michel Guerard's restaurant which was extremely memorable. Watch this space for a write up.



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