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il mulino


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If anyone one is thinking of going to Il Mulino on St Zotique save yourself the trip and the dollars.

I had been to this restaurant dozens and dozens of times before it changed ownership 5 (or more) years ago. The cooking then was simple, inspired and wonderful. When the change of ownership took place I had decided that there was no upside to this and simply avoided the place. There was after all Frank down the street (which has regrettably now closed.)

Good reviews and a recent visit to Il Mulino by my wife persuaded me to give it a try.

We were a group of 8. We made reservations well in advance as I knew the room was small.

We arrived at 8pm this past Saturday night. Our table was an afterthough cramped between sevaral other tables and pillars. It was impossible for the waiters to reach each us.

Flat bottled water was poured without anyone being asked. As it turned out we were charged nearly $100 for this.

We were not offered drinks. A wine list was presented but we were never offered menus. Finally the Maitre D appeared to take our order. He proposed antipasto, risotto and a choice of fish, veal or goat. He highly recommended the goat as a "something we are known for".

Five people chose the goat. 40 minutes later he returned to say there was no goat (we assumed they had sold this to other "more important" patrons) and offered lamb instead. We should have left immediately. We told the Maitre D that we were very disappointed that there was no goat. His response was to never appear anywhere near our table again.

An hour and a half after our arrival two small pizzas arrived, one badly burned. A few olives. The antipasti was a slice of eggplant and a very rubbery scallop. Two pastas appeared instead of the proposed risotto (who knows why). The gnocchi was passable.

The main corses were only remarkable in the fact that when they were served one was missing and appeared only after 5 minutes or so. Of course we all waited so everyone's dinner was cold.

Dessert was served to everyone without anyone being consulted ($12/person). This cosisted of a quarter of a stale lemon tart, a chocolate meringue thing and a scoop of lemon sorbet. The plates this was served on were warm so the sorbet quickly became soup.

All of this cost (wine and service included) $1500 or almost $200 per person. Plus $10 per car at the valet. Nothing exquisite. Nothing memorable. A poor experience. A disgrace.

Go somewhere else.

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