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Finding a good deli open on Saturday in/near Queens

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Hi everyone! Long time no see/talk. We're coming up to NJ for the weekend and we're taking a friend out in the Queens area in NY and I'm trying to find a good deli (not spring deli and no schlocky place) the only "MUST" is for me, I need matzoh ball soup (unadulterated - I hate when they add scallions or weird stuff to it!) and chopped chicken liver to die for... other then that, any standard deli fare will work wonderfully. WE were going to schlep our friend to Noah's Ark in Teaneck but it IS Saturday so they are closed. Manhattan is OUT, before anyone suggests it. Please help! You can also email me at anonymouze@aol.com (no spam please) and if you miss me and wondered how things are... you can pop me a note in facebook too

Stacey C-Anonymouze@aol.com

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