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30-second Aloo golki

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30-second Aloo golki

Serves 3 as Side.

30 seconds to an Indian side dish, with minimal ingredients, thats what I needed as a bachelor in a minimal kitchen. However, since I'm a foodie, it has to taste like something my mother would be proud of.

The dish I settled on is a traditional fasting-day dish called aloo golki, due to the discovery of canned baby potatoes. Traditionally this dish takes a fair amount of time, because you have to steam and then laboriously peel the baby potatoes, but cans make that magically simple. Open a can, and the only extra thing you have to do is trim some of the odder shaped pieces to a uniform size, eliminate the occassional oversoft one, and there you have perfect potatoes.

  • 1 large can of small round whole potatoes
  • 1 tsp crushed or fresh coarse-ground black pepper
  • 2 T ghee
  • salt to taste

Open the can, drain the potatoes, pat them dry and halve the larger ones.

Heat the ghee in a heavy wok or deep saute pan till hot.Drop the potatoes in the ghee and move them around for a little bit so that the ghee coats the potatoes - maybe 15-20 seconds just as the potatoes start sticking to the sides. Add salt and generous quantities of the crushed pepper. Move everything around 5 seconds more, then transfer potatoes to a serving bowl. To deglaze, put a little water into the pan, scrape off all the starch sticking to the sides and pour the thick glaze onto the potatoes.

Thats it. 30 seconds. Traditionally eaten with luchi or sliced bread, but just as great as a standalone munch.

Changing the quantity of pepper adjusts the heat of the dish, but pepper imparts the smell too so too little pepper will make it boring. Fine ground pepper is milder than crushed pepper.

Keywords: Easy, Side, Potatoes, Indian, Vegan

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