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Anyone been yet?


12 Lackawana Plaza

Gladstone, NJ


My wife and I took the ride out to Gladstone and enjoyed a meal at Sublime during their opening week. There were a couple service hiccups which I'm sure have been worked out since then but overall my service experience there was excellent. The menu is on the short side but all the major points are hit- with a couple bonus surprises. I had an incredible ceviche, served over ice in a coconut. My lamb was perfectly prepared but perhaps a bit bland. My wifes' braised beef ribs were a bit dry but very flavorful. I'm confident that over time, they'll get it all right. Overall, a very eclectic menu. The wine list, although brief, does cover the bases. I'd like to see a couple more selections by the glass in the future.

Where my experience at Sublime took a wrong turn was in the cocktail department. They have a very basic stock of premium liquors and everyday varieties. The bartender was some early-20's doofus with no idea of mixology. I ordered a Negroni with no luck, then a Bijou with the same result. Settled on a so-so Manhattan. My wife's cantelope martini had to be sent back and was never quite right. I was assured that they're still 'building their bar' so I'll back off a bit for now. But if you're going to tout yourself as a destination for cocktails then be ready from the get-go. Charging $12 for a tiny glass of ill-prepared booze doesn't fly for me. Perhaps with time Sublime will be one of my 'destinations'. For now, you decide.

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