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Anyone eaten here lately?

Due to me messing up flight bookings (multiple airlines, flying on points, etc.) we're unexpectedly spending a Sunday evening and the next day in Montreal. Which is fine -- used to live there, visit often. For a change of pace, we're staying in Hotel St Paul, and are intrigued by Vauvert. I've read mostly positive reviews (including from LesleyC), but nothing really recent.

So, is this a good way to spend our evening in Montreal? Anywhere close by more highly recommended? We're on our way to France, so this meal doesn't need to be spectacular, just good... :wink:

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I was there last week on their busiest night - a Thursday - and... beware: this is more of a bar/club than a restaurant, you'll eat surrounded by bystanders holding drinks, the music thumping in the background. Fun, yes, but not exactly a gastronomic experience.

Alexandra Forbes

Brazilian food and travel writer, @aleforbes on Twitter

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