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Buena Vista Bistro

Miami Danny

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It's another mom and pop operation near the Design District, in Buena Vista East, if you will, that replaces the old restaurant 'A', along the NE 2nd Avenue corridor, or what I like to call, the new restaurant row, formerly known as 'desolation row'. Buena Vista Bistro is not glamorous or filling breathless entries in multiple food blogs, but it has an organic neighborhood feel, and if you know people who live here, or live here yourself, you will probably run into all of them during the course of a visit. The chef cooks simply, and the food is bright and unpretentious.

The pork rillette ($6) is similar to a rough pâté, lots of long-cooked shredded pork mixed with fat, and served in a small crock with cornichons and zingy mayo. Some crusty bread is all you need, and some wine, of course. The place is no longer BYOB, and I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with the wine list. The pace is leisurely, so enjoy it. The crab cakes ($8) were served along with a delicious small salad, and while not the best crab cakes I've ever had, were satisfying and tasty. The skin-on french fries were crispy, tasted like a good fry should, and were $2 (!). I sat outside, smoked a cigar, and watched the world, and the jitneys, go by. A true neighborhood joint. They also do a nice Sunday brunch-the Eggs Benedict had a really light and frothy hollandaise sauce, and the Steak & Eggs were also cooked exactly as ordered (rare and runny).

NE 2nd Ave and 46th St

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