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Le Clos Jordanne


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In theory Le Clos Jordanne did the release of their 2005 wines last weekend in Ontario through Vintages in LCBO stores.

Looking down the web site though almost nothing in volume terms was actually released and as such these wines are unavailable as they sell out in minutes with these tiny volumes.

I am interested in what people feel about the release of their own local wines and their availability to the general public (ie not restaurant owners or people with friends in high places in the LCBO).

I was looking because I had some very pleasant Le Grand Clos at a restaurant last year and would like to acquire some for drinking at dinner parties etc.

I actively dislike the american system of cliquey mailing list only sales and much prefer the egalitarian european en primeur system.

To me the LCJ release is a move towards the US system where a cult is attempted to be built up rather than a brand based on the quality of product.

Anyone get any / have an opinion on their release strategy ?

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It was really screwed up.

Incompetence rules!

Last year the first 'formal' release was via the LCBO "v-mail" notification. I ordered all the wines offered and obtained them in quantity (but the smaller production wines weren't available).

Then came the 'normal' release through Vintages. Line-ups out the door and restricted to 1 bottle per person. Sold out immediately (although a good quantity of the 'village' wine cropped up later - possibly lost in the warehouse).

I picked up the 1 bottle per person wines at the SAQ months later. In quantity! Case upon case sitting out undisturbed (the Chardonnays just picked up this month).

Hype sells (in Ontario anyway - just release small quantities and watch the people dance).

The 2005's just released were a disaster organizationally. Another "v-mail" told us to phone the stores - but no stores knew what they were getting. Eventually a retraction was issued, promising they would appear with the 'regular Vintages release'. However there were a couple of "pre-release tastings" which were not widely advertised. At those, all the 2005's were tasted and 'theoretically' orders taken. However, no money was collected and no confirmations given - we're still waiting. If they're not honoured, we've now missed our chance to get them on the release. And for the rarer wines (e.g Le Grand Clos Pinot Noir) I'm not sure how many bottles actually reached the shelves. At my local store only 3 bottles were available - wonder how they shipped that as they come in packs of 6!!!!!!!!!

But there will be other releases - let's hope the remainder is handled more professionally.

But does anybody care about the public?????

PRIVATIZATION PLEASE. Maybe I still won't get any - but at least I'll have somebody with a face to complain to.

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