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Nantes: A compendium of existing topics

This is one of a series of compendia that seeks to provide information available in prior topics on eGullet. Please feel free to add links to additional topics or posts or to add suggestions.

Four months in Nantes

A place to go for fabulous food.

Les Caudalies

La Cigale

l’Auberge Bretonne

John Talbott

blog John Talbott's Paris

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Having now been in Nantes for three and a half months, I have a few things to add...

Nantes has a great market every week I believe from Tue-Sun, although Sunday is the best day to go. It's called Marche Talensac, and it's at Place Talensac. Great seafood selection including some Bretagne-only specialties.

The Christmas market just started up here yesterday - it runs from late November to late December. There are lots of booths with seasonal Christmas foods, as well as craft/gift type things.

Unfortunately I can't recommend any restaurants since on my student budget I haven't eaten out much, but if you want something cheap I would suggest going to any of the many kebab places around the city. Ok, so it's not really French at all, BUT it's cheap and the only thing open at 2 a.m. when you're stumbling out of a bar and really hungry. It's pretty much like your average gyro/shawarma/etc, only they come in a sort of hybrid pita/baguette thing and come with a fried egg. Order it with sauce blanche or sauce samourai if they have it.

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