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  1. Hello all. Is that little print (for example L170403) on Hidalgo wine's rear label stating when that batch has been bottled, say, April 17th? In this case it would be a nearly plain information. Thanks, Alberto
  2. Alberto

    Cantine dei Trulli 2000

    Hi redwinegulper and all; genetics say: PRIMITIVO = ZINFANDEL Alberto
  3. I'm with you Exotic Mushroom, Jim Beam is an underrated bourbon. I also like their charcoal-mellowed Black Label 8 y.o. (don't know if they still do the charcoal filtering prior to bottling though). Alberto
  4. Hello all. New to this section... Don't know if UDV ever distilled a wheated bourbon in Bernheim. In Louisville they pulled down Belmont Distillery (I.W. Harper and Old Charter brands) to build Bernheim plant on the very same site, and contemporarily (1992 ca.) closed Stizel-Weller (home of Weller, Fitzgerald and Rebel Yell). They used the new premise for a very short time span though, since they've sold it to Heaven Hill at the end of 90s after Heaven Hill distillery in Bardstown burned in 1996. For what I know Weller brand went to Buffalo Trace, Fitzgerald to Heaven Hill and Rebel Yell to David Sherman. Don't know from which stocks it's bottled now, for me Rebel Yell represents something near the low-end of market scale. Are they now distilling bourbon from a wheated mash in Buffalo Trace or Bernheim? I don't know. P.S.: Eagle Rare was made not in Stizel-Weller or Bernheim but in Seagram's Old Prentice distillery in Lawrenceburg, home of Four Roses; now the brand is owned by Buffalo Trace, don't know if they use their own barrels or stocks coming from original site (great stuff, BTW ). Slainthe! Alberto
  5. Yes it is, despite the "Solera Gran Reserva" title in main label. Rear label specifies that it's taken from a statically-aged single cask; no age or year of distillation are stated, just number of cask (out of 1000) and number of bottle (out of +/- 700 bottles, which means 400 l ca. puncheons or 500 l ca. butts, made of american oak). "Solera Gran Reserva" must actually be a mere legal specification, i.e. it's over 3 y.o. Slainthe, Alberto
  6. The page in Sanchez Romate's website is www.romate.com/e_unoenmil.asp, here's how it looks like: Seems a decided departure from tradtional Brandy de Jerez design & packaging style.
  7. Hi JP, what can you tell us about Romate's Uno En Mil single-cask bottling? It worth the money? Thanks, Alberto
  8. Alberto

    Loch Dhu

    Hi Aix, Loch Dhu draws its colour from E150, aka caramel; whisky aged in Scotland in new charred american oak barrels can get a golden colour with light shades of green, a good example is William Grant's Black Barrel which is Girvan grain whisky aged in the same barrels used for Bourbon. From caramel colouring it also takes quite some bitterness and astringency; the malt substrate is flowery and clean, offering some kind of balance. Anyways, Loch Dhu is not an unpleasant after dinner dram and can go well as a replacement for amaro, also on the rocks. I would not consider it "real" scotch whisky though. Slainthe! Alberto
  9. Can you get it in Europe? I tasted a sample bottled fresh from the still and I must say it can be compared with french white agricoles, very good and drinkable. I think it was pot-stilled. Thanks again, Alberto
  10. Is it possible to get unblended Callwoods rums in Europe? Older Pusser's bottles are 100% British Virgin Islands? There's some similarity in style between British and US Virgin Islands rum? Why there aren't independent bottlings from Wm Cadenhead or Bristol Spirits? Thanks, Alberto
  11. Hi guys, Enoteca Costantini's Jamaica Rum Sugar Estates 1949 isn't a 1949 rum at all! It's a pale, young and zippy pot-stilled agricol, the label displays a map of Jamaica plantations and premises as in the year 1949 ( don't know why such a label though... ) . Try with Silvano Samaroli's Demeraras, one of few that could have bottled a '49. Good forum. Alberto
  12. Hi all, I'm looking for information about Domaine de Trianon AOC Martinique rhum. Anyone heard of that? Thanks , Alberto
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