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  1. While I'm not really one for social media, I wish I had discovered eGForums sooner! I suspect I will be able to lose myself for days in the chocolate threads... I am an occasional chocolatier, an occasional baker and a keen camper, based in Canada's national capital. While I doubt I will every try making chocolate in our little Alto travel trailer, I have been playing around with the Omnia oven lately, to let me bake on a campstove. I have worked with chocolate for many years; I blame it on Vicky Gabereau (Canadians may remember her CBC afternoon radio show in the 80s and 90s, where she interviewed many people, including chocolatiers who contributed recipes to her Cooking Without Looking cookbook which raised funds for Streetkids International). Still debating the pros, cons, financial viability of working with chocolate as a business, so I expect this forum will provide lots of <food for thought> (couldn't resist!). I look forward to meeting many of you as we explore delicious topics on this forum!
  2. Hi! I am definitely interested in several of the items, if still available. I’m based in Ottawa, and could either drive down or get family in the KW area to help me.
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