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  1. After much searching and 55$ I finally got a hold of bottle and I have to say this is some damn good rum. The best part about it was that it was given to me.
  2. Well, before I went on vacation a buddy of mine said he ordered a bottle of some xo reserve for me but come to find out he thought I was talking about captain morgan private reserve. Anyway I've been all over town seeing if I can get a bottle of this stuff but nobody has it and nobody can order it (except one but they said to do an order like that I'd have to buy a case). I've found it on the web but every site I found won't ship it to Indiana (I live on the east side of Indianapolis). If anybody has any ideas on how I can get a bottle I'd really appreciate it.
  3. I just tried some Bacardi 8 yesterday and it wasn't bad but it had a strong alcohol taste (compared to CMPS). I had also orderd some Pryat XO Reserve (can't wait).
  4. Well, for the longest time I never really found my drink. I've had just about every type of alcohol (except rum until a few months ago) but I finally had some Captain Morgan Private Stock and It's the only thing I enjoy drinking straight. I also got a bottle of Bacardi Select, I can drink it straight but it's one of those "If it's the only thing I got left" things. Since I've been introduced to rum I've been looking in the internet for some quality stuff. I've been eyeing a bottle of Pyrat XO Reserve but I can't decide if I want to take the chance of spending forty some odd dollars on something I might not even like. Anyway, what could you suggest? Lastly, Captain Morgan Private Stock doesn't cost that much and it's my favorite choice right now but how would you rate it compared to lets say Pyrat XO Reserve?
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