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  1. It was the opening party so if your dealership is already open, it won't work.
  2. I see, thank you for the explanation!
  3. Thank you very much! I never saw such a big ice ball. The glass is kind of spherical, so it should fit well the ice ball. Is the benefit of such ice ball esthetic only?
  4. I went to the opening party of a Jaguar Land-Rover dealership. They gave me a cocktail set. Please look at the components here in the pictures. I have 2 questions: 1) What is the use of the 2 black rubber balls that can be opened? 2) There is already a strainer on top of the shaker, so what would be the use of the 4-Prongs Stainless Steel Bar Strainer? Does it strain better than the strainer on top of the shaker? I understand that if I use the 4-Prongs Stainless Steel Bar Strainer, I have to remove the cap of the shaker, I cannot use both strainers.
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