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  1. Loris

    Pinot Grigio

    Does anyone know the "VALLE Pinot Grigio Selezione Araldica" or any other VALLE's Pinot Grigio (they have several different labels)?
  2. Loris

    Boycott Beaujolais

    An interesting old article from WS. Can you still find any French bottle in your preferred restaurant? What about French wines consumption in the USA now? (I'm Italian)
  3. Where? I think bag in box wines are often similar to coloured water. Does anyone know a good European bag in box wine?
  4. I think that RP and WS scoring system is very useful; tasting reviews describing the wine, color, bouquet and taste may help the wine lover to look for a particular wine or recognize perfumes and fruits. On the other side I do not like the the so scientific number-scoring, I think that it is impossible for everyone to state that a wine scoring 89 is better than the one scoring 88. Even a 99 points wine can be as good as a 80 points wine if someone like it. In some ways scoring wines is like wandering up and down the National Gallery giving marks to all the different paintings. Taste is very subjective and RP and WS are not my bible, but only interesting pieces of paper to read.
  5. Loris

    The Pit and the Pendulum

    Parker gives first verdict on 2002: Decanter
  6. badthings: thank you for this very useful info I found the label here and someone who likes it here, but I did not found any info about CVB...
  7. Loris

    GM vines

    I'm going to meet a researcher working on GM vines, she is a beautiful girl, but should I kiss or kill her? What's your opinion? If you want to learn more read this article
  8. Loris

    The Pit and the Pendulum

    Easy question: why has RP so a big power? Craig: I will be in Varese (Daverio) this week-end, any suggestion for a good restaurant in the lake area?
  9. Loris

    Flying with wine

    Many wineries here in Italy use Styrofoam packs to ship samples abroad. If you buy wine directly from the producers, you may ask them to sell you a few packs, so you do not have to carry them from home.
  10. Loris

    Fake Italian Wine

    I agree with Craig, there are a lot of "imitations" but counteirfection is another thing. This also means that Italian products are the best Beverage is very big business and counteirfection exists in all kind of products. This is an interesting article by WS
  11. Not so hot and dry like this. Vines need none or few ice at Winter and none or few rain at Summer, hot temperatures = early ripening. Is it right? I'm sure this will be one of the best vintages, mainly for alcohol lovers.
  12. Craig - You live in a beautiful place . Do you own an import/export company?
  13. http://www.nicks.com.au/winehumour/page21.html
  14. Craig - Yes I live in Italy in Reggio Emilia, I agree that rules can not guarantee the quality. DOC means "Di Origine Controllata" - 'of controlled origin', these rules have their value when they protect the origin of the wine, so you will not find on your table a "Chianti della Valpolicella". This prevents also million liters low-low-low quality producers like Tavernello to print 'DOC' on their wine boxes. These rules provide a control of part of the winemaking process, the choice to invest in quality is left to the producer. This is the reason why you can find bad wines labeled as DOCG.
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