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  1. We own a Blendtec from Costco (for a year) and have used it endlessly (many times a day, everyday) with no glitches. Paid just a scootch under $400 with a 2 year warranty. This thing will make everything from hot soup to ice cream. A little (frozen) Greek yoghurt, some vanilla and a few berries and ice and you have instant frozen yoghurt. Or add anything you like. We have made some pretty interesting stuff. And I now love (yes love) my Green Smoothies. Apples, oranges, berries, soy milk and handful of greens. Add cilantro or mint to "brighten" the flavors. You can also find "used" commercia
  2. Definitely you dine can "worthwhile" here. The aforementioned mexican rec's are all good and the same I and many others would give. But Santa Barbara has other "ethnic" restaurants too. http://www.brummis-restaurant.com/ Brummis is an amazing little German restaurant run by a mom and daughter team from Germany. It is on the map for all S.B. Germany expats and we have many. I love this place. It would be a favorite restaurant of mine anywhere. If I lived back in NYC or LA or SF it would not matter, this place is great, not just "great for Santa Barbara. If you have ever eaten in a small town l
  3. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/09/us/09sushi.html?hp "Video of their meal shows the two activists, both vegan, being served what the waitress can be heard calling “whale” — thick pink slices — that they take squeamish bites of before tossing into a Ziploc bag in a purse. The samples were sent to Scott Baker, associate director of the Marine Mammal Institute at Oregon State University. Professor Baker said DNA testing there revealed that the samples sent to him were from a Sei whale, which are found worldwide and are endangered but are sometimes hunted in the North Pacific under a controversial
  4. The question about chili-oil on pizza seems to be very regional. In the South of France it is ubiquitous same as in Liguria. I have had it in Rome, but rarely and never al taglio. In Naples I only ate pizza a couple of places and do not remember the oil being offered. Whenever I am offered chili oil for pizza I pour it directly onto my pizza never on the plate or ask for a separate plate. BTW in Portugal they serve this same type of oil (called piri - piri because of the piri piri chili used in it) for Frango and FF which is IMHO the worlds best chicken and potato dish ever. But this is the
  5. On the first note let me say that it is already the case. Auctions have been lucky to make the reserves (which are moving lower) and many fine older wines are changing hands now for a 30% discount from a year or two ago. This is true here in the USA. I do not know about London but I assume the same is true or else the auction houses would just sell all the wine there instead. 2005 Burgundies are selling for well below their original release prices and can be found in stores. On the second note, food costs are around 30% for most restaurants. That is a standard in business models and of cours
  6. Just to add another idea you may want to look into the area south of L`Aquilla in Abruzzo. We stay in Scanno or Pescoscostanzo http://www.abruzzo2000.com/abruzzo/laquila/index.html where it is cool and dreamy. The area is mostly a ski resort type of area so it is pretty quiet in summer. Although more and more Italians are taking holidays there in summer nowadays. Both towns have great restaurants, are in beautiful areas and can afford day trips to either the coast (east coast) or back towards Umbria. Norcia, Assisi or Spoleto are all close enough to visit. Amatrice in Abruzzo is the birthplace
  7. The Petrol aroma is similar tot eh petrol aroma of a really fine Riesling. I believe it is unique to the white (T. gibbosum) oregon truffle although I am not certain. I have never smelled that aroma from Italian or Croat truffles. There is a "gassy" nose to truffles when stored in the fridge but not when eaten. As to fat soluble I imagine all truffles are but some seem much more dependent on it. I have shaven and eaten Italian whites by just putting a slice on my tongue and letting it warm to see how strong they were. These were still fantastic without the help of fat. Also the Domestic (N. A
  8. We did not make Tre Colli after all. We did however make it to Da Maria about 20 minutes away from Tre Colli for a really wonderful meal. Classic Piedmonte food. When I complemented the chef / owner Giorgio he replied simply "It is my job". The service and food were all top notch. This would be a fine place to plan a meal for a group or just a couple. The room is beautiful, the area serene and the food spot on. An assortment of hot and cold antipasti that just kept coming out of the kitchen followed by a wonderful pasta and topped off by a filling secondo if you have room. The food is all serv
  9. Eating customs, like everything else, are becoming homogenized in our WWW - Global world. There are fewer and fewer "correct" ways to dine on specific foods. Pizza eating in Italy, or anywhere for that matter is solely dependent on how it is served. Certainly as has been said here common sense will usually dictate the preferred method of consumption. Using a knife and fork to cut wedges and then eat by hand is quite common with pizza served whole. Dainty, polite or formal eating (which rarely involves pizza anyway) of a pizza should be dissected and eaten with tools like the rest of a meal wo
  10. The Oregon whites are like a poor cousin to the whites of the Piedmont (or Croatia or Toscana). They have a similar flavor profile with a bunch more of a petrol aroma and a much weaker pervasiveness. There is no comparison. I say this as a person who has sold hundreds of pounds of domestic (Oregon / CA) truffles for over 15 years and has also travelled to Europe to dine on truffles for those same 15 years. However not everyone wants to or can afford to pay the Kings ransom it takes for fine European Whites. At 1/10th the price or less Oregon Whites have a market. They can be fabulous when ripe
  11. John, I believe it was a quite new place. The review was recent (this past sumer) and I believe in english. I thought IHT but I can not find it in there. The thrust of the article was about a few lesser known, out of the way places. The pictures were slick and the article was concise. I am still searching for it here as well. Not Zgomates, but that looks good too.
  12. I have tried to search all of the threads again to no avail so I plead for help from those of you with a better memory than mine. There was a link to review of some bistros posted from a publication I can not remember. There was one listed for the 12th, off the beaten track. Perhaps near metro Dausmesnil? The place is tiny and run by two men one of which is a burly fellow with a beard. The review had a picture of the two them standing in front of the business. I hope one of you may know what I am talking about. TIA David
  13. So glad to see you posting. I posted a question to you a few weeks ago regarding some dinning questions. I can be in the area on Sunday the 19th . Do you recommend one fair over another? I will drive up from Montalcino that morning and can be there by noon. I was thinking Moncalvo as I do not know Tagliole Monferrato. But would be willing to learn . I would like to talk to you more about other ideas for the area. I am free from Sunday till Weds with no plans yet. I have a friend (as you may remember me saying last year) in Treiso that I usually visit but would love to see more of the Monferr
  14. nico, I have eaten at A.S. many times and find it to be a fantastic meal and experience every time. Amici Miei I have never tried. Can you recommend an alternate? Neighborhood kind of place with great Neapolitan style pizza and decent pizzeria style seafood? Some place we can show up at 9 or later with a large group of 6 - 8 people? Many of whom are not serious eaters so anything that is good and authentic. I used to go to Silvestri if you know it but the last couple of visits have been a disappointment. We will go to any neighborhood that is not too "sketchy". I chose A.M. because I am sta
  15. Looking for ideas and rec's for dining one night (Saturday) in the countryside East of Torino. The reason east is that is where a large contingent of folks I know going to Salone will be staying. Anything within an hours ride and not on too windy of a road. We will drive back to Torino that night. As mentioned before I am considering Tre Colli. Are Swiss Chef or Sam or Bill Klap or Robert Brown still posting about the area? Seems very quiet here on EG these days?
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