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  1. Turley Old Vines Zinfandel, California 1999 Deep yet not too complex nose qith a distinctive alcoholic finish. [perhaps th 15.3% alcohol] Green almonds mix with some sweet prunes and blueberry nose collides with an alcoholic ending. Tee medium to full bodied wine is sweet on the entry backed up by good acidity, spice and an alcoholic finish. Too much of nothing that can keep three more years easy. Rutherford Hill Mead Ranch Nappa Valey Zinfandel 1994. Very deep dark intense red color moving towards a slightly lighetr rim. Deep complex nose with layers of ripe and dried fruits ending with very mild soft spice and some earthy notes. Quite spicy on the tongue, this full bodied wine shows still some very good acidity to back up its complex character for another 4 years to come. The wine needed at least half an hour to start opening up showing massive layers of sweet fruits and spice. Drink now – 2009. Would love to hear Zin. recommendations.
  2. Andre

    Great Israeli Wines

    A quick answer to your question although the term great is hardly applied to this new industry: Cabernet Sauvignon Margalit Reserve 1993 Cuvee Irini, Tsoraa 1996 Cuvee Ilham Tsoraa 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon Soreq Special Reserve 1999. Cabernet Sauvignon Ben Haim Grand Reserve 2000 Merlot Primo Chillag 2001 Merlot Zauberman 2001 Contact me Via e-mail or simply continue this thread for more info.
  3. Umathum, St.Laurent, Born Stein, Franenkirchner Burgenland 1999 Dark intense very deep color A massive forest berry nose with an excellent use of oak, molasses and mild spice. Very concentrated and very well balanced. The acidity is very apparent from the first sip. Its sharpness may be a bit disturbing to new world wine drinkers although I favorably accepted. Some VA notes lingered behind the dark juice with a smooth peppery finish. Minutes into enjoying this hulk and there is little signs of the sharp acidity subsiding, clearing the palate for new flavors every sip. This is a beautifully balanced on the dryish side and an amazing experience of this ancient grape variety [st. Lauren]. Drink now – 2010. Tasted March 30th 2005. Every wine like this indulges my ignorance of wine.
  4. Opus Eximium, Cuvee No. 15, Burgenland 2002 Not knowing what to expect may lead to memorable experiences. Red towards purple very deep color. Gentle smooth yet complex nose dominated by red cherry, wilberry and soft oak. Concentrated aromas start surfacing after several minutes and continue to develop over 40 minutes. Underneath the dominating bouquet a fine layer of young greenish fruits compliments this fine creation in a magnificent manner –Chapeau. Soft on the entry with lots of chewy tannins, outstanding acidity and nearly perfect balance. This wine is a pleasure guided by massive acidity and the right amount of chewy tannins through young and mature assorted berries. 30 minutes later and the wine proves massive, full bodied, young and complex. This blend of local grape varieties is a definite wow. Drink now- 2012.
  5. Andre


    When getting back to outstanding wines, a warm-up may be in place: Hermitage Tardieu-Laurent 1996 Deep red-garnet moving towards brick color. Dry earthy aromas, herbs, Leather, and spice form a rather complex and fairly typical nose while cloves and nutmeg dominating the spice scene. Vanilla and oak add to the complex nose. Medium to full bodied, soft on the entry with notable acidity, prune juice and gooseberries form the base of this ripe and rich wine. Good formation of a soft entry-good acidity and ripe flavors are repeated in dif. angles through every sip. Drink now-2007. Tasted April 21st 2005. Ermitage Le Pavillon, M.Chapoutier 1989 Bottle Number 4772. Blind drinking this wine over an hour or so was quite an experience. Massive and concentrated nose of herbs, spice, leather, tobacco with an earthy finish. Dried concentrated fruits started to develop some 10 minutes into the experience. Massive an full bodied expression of Le Pavillon with plenty of chewy tannins and adequate acidity to keep this wine going over ten years. A heavily equipped wine in need of a fine piece of aged beef as raw as possible. Drink now – 2015. Tasted April 8th 2005. Hermitage Domaine Jean-Louis Chave 1989 Discovering fine creations requires will and patience. Very slow to open, gentle aromas of mild fruit, nutmeg and fresh herbs, hardly give away this gentle giants age. Smooth on the entry with constant and superbly balanced flavors with a long and perfectly blended spice and fruit finish. Half an hour later and the hulk awakens. Layers upon layers of herbs, mushrooms, earthy aromas, sweet black cherries and herbs mingle to form a unity reserved for the finest creations of art. What an experience. Drink 2006-2012. Tated April 8th 2005. Great wines may be enjoyed only by those who surrender to them.
  6. You know what? ...this reminds me of why I don't drink expensive wines any more. It is all a giant muscle flexing competition for sad wankers that don't have the self confidence to seek out and find really great $20 wine and share the discovery with their friends. ←
  7. Andre


    You can push it up to six weeks and then some of the flavors are bound to be lost. The wine will take longer to oxidize due to the sweetness present but there is no doubt that the flavor will be less enjoyable. Enjoy a small glass every evening or at an end of a meal and you might pick a habit of great pleasure.
  8. I have recently tried two bottles of the Quinta de Estanho vintage 1945. This is an out of this world port which reflects a very good vintage. As far as storage - the best thing is a direct shipment from Portugal through an agent. Your customer should know about sedaments and decanting. Some of the wineries offer personalized labels but such a task might take a month to prepare. Good luck,
  9. Spending an evening with the goats: March 18th 2005. There is nothing inn life that could prepare you for things like that. A cool clear Friday night drives us an hour from the city of Haifa to the foothills of the Gilboa mountain for an evening with Israel’s best dairy producer – Barkanit. Three members of the Brakin family, owners of the dairy farm, greet us promptly to begin an elevating evening with some wines I had brought with me: Swiss style Brie accompanied by Sauvignon Blanc Framingham, Marlborough 2001: A young soft Brie with a gentle texture and an adequately firm rind melted on the tongue with constant and balanced flavors. As the wine entered the mouth, the cheese’s mildly creamy texture was properly balanced with the Framingham’s acidity. Typical New Zealand fruity and grassy flavors dominated the aftertaste suggesting the four-week-old bride was perhaps too young for this match. Two more weeks and the marriage would have been better suited. Still enjoyed very match. Saint-Maure accompanied by Chenin Blanc Hertzog, California 2002. One of Barkanits most popular cheeses locally produced without the famous straw that runs through its heart [ Touraine style ]. Although young, the soft velvety flavors are complex enough to earn a gold medal. The mild sweetness of the Chenin with its perfectly balanced acidity, accompanied the cheese without adding complexity but with manners of a perfect host. Saint-Maure Noir accompanied by Sauvignon Blanc Swartland RSA 2002. The darker colors of the charcoal powder coating this Saint-Maure continued with darker moving towards brighter cream colors indicating the penetration of the mould and the aging of the cheese. Dominant classic “chevre” flavors accompanied by sharp acidity mellowed down when joined by the Sauvignon. Swartland’s hot climate produced a wine fruity enough with an almost oily texture to balance the cheese’s acidity with a nice combination of both that was eventually dominated by the Noir. A wine with a higher acidity would have produced even better results although I wouldn’t mind this combination on any given day. Turquiz accompanied by Chardonnay Monterra, Monterey 1998. Jackpot! Perfect balance. The truth is – who wants perfect? The creamy texture of the goat and sheep cheese with the California walnuts on top, resembled the cheese of Roquefort without the blue mold. The aromas and flavors of the cheese with the Chardonnay merged into a soft smooth mild gastronomical creation with little relation to either origin. A younger and more acidic wine would have resulted in the sharpening of the cheese’s flavors without overpowering the Turquiz’s well-balanced flavors. Selles-Sur-Cher accompanied by Beaujolait Nouveau Albert Bichot 2004 The combination reminds me of the movie Melena where goddess Monica Belluci is being courted by the ugly lawyer after he had won her trial. What could be an appropriate accompaniment to a mature, complex and dominant cheese in a manner that makes our mouth drool? A slave. A slave is the term used for those meant to fill in gaps and being dominated by their partner. The simplicity of the Beaujolais was stormed by the royal cheese from the town of Selles over the river Cher. A live to tell. The gentle texture of the cheese exploded in an array of flavors in the back of the mouth in a manner reserved but for the highest gastronomical experience. The wine rinsed the mouth every once in a while allowing the phenomena to repeat itself. At this stage we felt comfortable enough to mingle with the crowd staring at us outside the front window. We were greeted with much enthusiasm and head banging. No worries mate – they radiated. Smart animal, nodded Mr. Brakin that seems to appreciate them more and more with every year of his 30 spring s experience that passes. “What do you do with the males? Grill?” Winked one of our own. “Barbecue” corrected Mr. Brakin and made the wine enriched laugh. “Back to work”. Avyron accompanied by Cotes-du-Ventoux Luis Bernard 2002. Barkanits only pure sheep cheese was enthusiastically received. The rich creamy texture of the cheese was sharply interfered by Luis Bernards’ Domaine Les Herbes Blanches [amongst my favorite Ventoux wines]. The “Herbes Blanches” added just the right amount of seasoning to a more complex and beautifully balanced finish. Chapeau. California accompanied by Cote-du-Rhone Maison Sichel 2002. The rind of the California coated with the walnuts provided some sharp flavors to this semi-hard cheese. The wines rough edges and dry style produced a consistent frame with a good backbone acidity. The cheese’s untamed flavors co-operated with the wines serious attitude. A Smooth and pleasurable marriage. Manchego accompanied by Tzora cuvee Irini 1996. The greatness of being above derives from modesty. Reserved giants time had been kind to. A six to eight month Manchego that had undergone professional affinage. Complex and gentle flavor slowly developed on the palate, comme il faut, when the nine-year-old Tzora hulk with its complex layers of dried fruits, fresh herbs and soft spice mingled to elevate the experience one bit higher. Flavors continued to develop as long as enjoyed reaching heights reserved for the simplest yet top gourmet experience. Masterpieces that merged into an uplifting experiece. Saint Marcellin accompanied by Cotes-du-Rhone Grand Reserve Luis Bernard 2000. The first signs of spring around the Green Gilboa Mountain supplied the food for the staring goats around our dining room. A young cheese with fresh green and aromatic flavors of grass and herbs expressed these first signs of spring. The powerful and complex Grande Reserve swept this young cheese off its feet and drowned whatever gentle flavors it possessed. The deep complex flavors of spice and forest fruits dominated the scene thoroughly. That young cheese may stand a chance some 4-5 weeks from now. Corsika accompanied by Muscatto di Asti Nivolle, Michelle Chiarlo 2004. The cheese spilled from the dark gray towards lighter gray rind the moment the knife applied the slightest pressure. A fully ripe cheese capturing those rare moments of what one may aspire to when aging cheese. Knowing such moments do not last, made the situation even more appealing. The cheese was enjoyed on its own with the almost sweet creamy texture being scrubbed of the plate fearing to shorten the moment. The Nivole signed the event with a sweet gentle Frizzante texture that drew some more smiles out of the already happy bunch. Thousands of stars and half a moon shed some light over mount Gilboa and on our way back. Perfect things would never be termed perfect if it was not for the things missing in our daily lives.
  10. Andre

    Wine of the Week Topic

    I understand the frustration and may sometimes share them myself. Sometimes I see several go through my post and no comments. Still, I enjoy posting, may enjoy the lack of comments and by all means enjoy the profssional attitude. The hosts may be a be considered a bit passive but their professional attitude allows a more "natural" development of the threads and its participants on the expense of the lack of paricipations of the unsure or timid. I try to contribute on a weekly basis fllowing with whatever pace others are sharing. If I thought my location would have had any importance I would simply stick to the view overlooking the Haifa bay and may have kept my articles for myself [which may not be such a bad idea afterall ]. Etienne de Montille of Domaine de Montille is visiting my country next week. The city of Haifa, my residence, is of no interest to him and my locatiobn is no marketing advantage. Forums are means to overcome problems like these and I enjoy the opportunity.
  11. Andre

    Imploded Cork

    After some thinking with friends.... This does not look like a two-week corrosion. Wine filtered out while leaving a vacuum behind. The bottle being horizontal, did not allow air in creating vacuum. Think about how you pore your wine. If you pore a full bottle horizontal, you will create big air pockets and the wine will splash. When the vacuum was sufficient the cork got sucked in. Remember, the older the cork the wetter and the easier to push/pull. I had witnessed corks and parts of corks being sucked in in older bottles while trying to uncork them. This is indeed an extreme.
  12. Andre

    Imploded Cork

    The cork may hold the answer.
  13. Indeed a tough world out there.
  14. Andre

    A taste for ports

    Great notes! And pretty brilliant comment... in all the tasting I have been doing lately (which is a lot - upwards of 200 each week), I have been very good about spitting. Then comes the dessert wines which I never seem able to spit out figuring it is my lone indulgence! Did you have a favorite? ← Thank you Carolyn, Amongst the ports tasted my favorits where the Quinta da Mesquita 1992 vintage and the Barros LBV 1997
  15. Andre

    Passover 2005 wines

    Gan Eden winery have some well made Cab's to lookk out for and Hezog's old vine Zin is not too bad either [ simply perfect balance ]. Russian River Chardonnay by Herzog is one of the better Kosher whites made. Israeli kosher recommendatins: Melot Benyamina Special Reserve 2000. Med. bodied well rounded and smooth drinking wine. Syrah, Ramat Arad Kerem line by Carmel 2003 - one of the best choices as a food friendly wine. Tzora Stone Ridge 2002 - developed into a mature blend of Cabernet and Merlot with a consistant medium body that is very well balanced. A bit of everything in this one make it interesting enough. Tishbi wines are always a good value. Look out for their 2001 Estate Reds and 2002-2003 Estate whites. Their 2003 Pinot Noir is worth seeking.
  16. Andre

    Everyday Port's

    My favorite port is the Quinta da Estanho 20 y o. Not too cheap or easy to get but very much woth seeking. I wouldn't mind the Sandeman or Ferriera NV as an every day drink or the Cockburn's LBV 1991. There is a new style of ports entering the market like Sandeman's Vau Vintage 1997. But his will require a seperate tasting and explenation about the Portuguese struugle to maintain tradition through better vinification techniques.
  17. Andre

    A taste for ports

    Port Wine Tasting Special Reserve March 10th 2005. Tasting a series of fine ports may prove problematic, as we are many times tempted to swallow these fine creations. The following is a recent tasting of randomly selected ports. Ruby 1997 Wellington W.O. Bovelei Ko-Op RSA. This poor port imitation is the reason why Oporto is struggling for world wide recognition of their area and strict rules. Already showing signs of oxidation this pathetically sweet port imitation has nothing to display other than a potential for punch blending. Port Fine Tawny Cockburn’s This is a simple but well made port which lacks consistency as a blended non-vintage tawny. Oversimplified, the wine shows little depth of character while some of the blended wines in this port drag down whatever finer quality was added. Port Fonseca Bin 27 This famous family blend from Fonseca, was never really my cup of tea. Harsher and younger flavors were added to softer ones creating a wave of more and less spots of concentration in the mouth that disturbed the balance of this wine. Could have been more forgiving if the price of the 27 was just a bit higher than non vintage tawnys and not double the price. Some fine quality is detected in this wine but the lack of harmony deriving especially from the oak dominated blends is disappointing. Drink when recently bottled. Port Cockburns Late Bottled Vintage 1990 This fine creation bottled back in 1996 showed little signs of degradation if it was not for the thick crust that was forming on one side of the bottle. Shaky hands and careless pouring converted the crust into sediments that took over nearly a quarter of the bottle. Smooth gentle and very well balanced the wine showed as a pure enjoyment of a perfectly mature and ready to drink LBV port. Chocolate and concentrated dried plum juice mixed with fine spice to create a unique experience. Perfectly drinking now – no further aging necessary. Port Quinta de Mesquita Vintage 1992. This 13-year-old masterpiece displayed depth, concentration and perfect harmony bringing to life and setting example of what a powerful term is “time in a bottle”. Grand cru dark chocolates, Sultanina raisins, and spice falvored the ports fine texture leaving a full-bodied long slightly oily finish. A perfect pleasure for drinking now or in the next five years. Needs decanting. Port Dalva 10 Years old Brown golden in color, this 1992 bottled port shows a color that could be identified as an aged sherry. The nose is quite gentle with a cacao powder and white raisins bouquet mingled with some mild spice. Soft and harmonious texture, seductive and delicately enjoyable. Perfectly drinking now with just a few more years to go. Drink by 2008. Port Dalva Late Bottled Vintage 1995. Bottled in 2001 this wine has already quite a bit of residue. The concentrated flavors are backed up by some noticeable oak with full flavored palate and a medium long finish. Appealing sweetness with complimentary pipe [550-600l barrels used in Oporto] use yet has little depth or complexity. Drink now- 2006. Port Graham’s Late Bottled Vintage 1996 A good representative of this vintage doing its very first steps of development. A semi developed wine with waves of open and closed flavors indicating a good quality full flavored wine that will gain complexity in the near 2-4 years. A massive vintage well expressed in the Late Bottled Vintage begging for some more aging. Drink 2007-2010. Port Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage 1996 Amazingly consistent and balanced. A very professional wine in dire need of bottle aging. The wine is closed but with plenty of flavors that will express this wines ability to impress three years from now. The winemaker shows a great deal of expertise building an impressive wine with a consistency of a politician after the publics money. Drink 2008-2010. Port Barros Late Bottled Vintage 1997 An LBV ripe full flavored and ready for drinking. A definite choice I would make to enjoy now. Dark chocolate, cassis and plenty of spice are perfectly blended with a long finish of chocolate liquer and nutmeg. Drink 2005-2008. Port Cockburn’s Late Bottled Vintage 1998. None vintage year? This LBV may prove worthy of plenty of other vintages. Big complex with layers of dried fruit liquers spice and a very bitter chocolate Still has the roughness of a young vintage port along with a promising future. Decanting the wine will sure help in this case. Drink 2006-2009. Not the first LBV 1998 I was impressed with. Smiles, music, dancing …and the world is not such a bad place after all.
  18. Andre

    Plastic corks

    Huh? This is the first time I've heard anyone make such a claim, and I'm a longtime proponent of alternate closures. (I'm not questioning whether bottles with synthetic corks can be stored upright, by the way, just whether they should be.) Can you back up your statement? Can you cite studies? Do you also claim that screwcapped bottles shouldn't be stored on their sides? ← I do not find the logic in allowing the wine to be in touch with Plastic knowing what plastic is made of and that wine can be quite aggressive. Some places in Europe have started with an expirey date when plastic corks are used. If I had a choice, I would not let water touch it either. Speaking from my own experience, wines can smell of sweetish artificial stuff when exposed to such corks and I have witnessed signs of plastic corks being eaten up by the wine when stored a year long and more. I am afraid I have no experience with screwcapped bottles although many questions come to mind.
  19. Andre

    Plastic corks

    Habbits may lead us to lay down our wines when in storage, yet, plastic corks should not be in touch with the wine. Wines with plastic corks shoud be in an upward position. Still, I fale to see producers giving us signs of plastic corks or even recommending this important storage technique. Any ideas?
  20. Hi Jean and thank you for the notes. I found this TN slightly shorter and less descriptive than the others... Can you inform us about the price please? Enjoying,
  21. Andre

    2 GREAT Wines

    [ But, they're a great standby. You really can't go wrong with their tried and tested 'formula' wines. I wouldn't put too much salt on their proportions, sometimes, I think they'd do anything to get the consistency in. I fully agree. The Gold lable we have in our part of the world is the Riesling - amongst WB better creations. Although a good choice of many blends, I raerely fing the mid. range properly tuned in terms of the marriage between the wines the varietal nme is composed of. Their 2001 Grey is indeed massive and well structured. Some of my choices from Beringer Blass Shiraz Mildara Shiraz Mt. Ida
  22. Israeli Vintages 1981-1995 Some things, you may only acquire with age. Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve Carmel 1981 Say what you wish about Carmel but this winery is never short of surprises. This unique version [to be followed a decade later by other wineries with lines such as Golan Heights’ Katserin] produced in 1976,1979,1981,1988 and 1992. Certainly stood the test of time. Red amber towards brownish color with considerable depth. Older wine aromas dominate the nose with leather, tobacco and some dried fruits leading the gentle bouquet. Massive in the mouth with a very good tannin structure and good acidity that will keep this wine going another three years from now. A very good expression of a massive vintage in the Galilee with a phenomenal 13.50% alcohol and a very good balance. Soft fruity flavors hover around this wines fine structure – good show. Ben Ami Samson region, Carmei Tsion 1983 If it was not for my appreciation of Segal [ Ashkelon] wines during the 80’s I would have termed this as a very nice surprise. Amazing fruit of raspberry syrup, cassis and some cherry juice are extremely well tuned with the faintest bouquet of soft spice in the back. 11% alcohol did not hold this wine back from aging gracefully into a medium bodied elegant and very smooth 22 year old wine with still a good acidity and very soft tannins. An experience worth seeking Cabernet Sauvignon Galil, Yarden 1985. Dark dense reddish colors with a brownish rim. The wine went totally flat both in the nose and in the mouth. Died and would have gone to heaven if it was not for the abuse of oak. Ben Ami Hertsel, Selection Marcel Hess, Carmei Tsion 1986. A light Burgundy color with amber rims. Very gentle smooth and elegant yet lacks the power to impress. Light forest fruit aromas float around the delicate texture with an equally noble attitude in the finish. No more aging for this one. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Respect. Cabernet Sauvignon Gamla 1987 Amazing but this wine can be added as an oak essence to whoever wants to save money on flavorings. Tons of oak on the nose and again a surprising amount in the mouth. The oak will keep several more years. Cabernet Sauvignon Private Collection Galil 1988 Amongst Carmel’s best aged wines. This wine should be allowed to breath for 2-3 hours before it can show its potential. A well-structured nose based on some good use of oak with a fair amount of cassis and raspberries to support it. Smooth and very well balanced flavors with good tannins and barely enough acidity. Will keep well another three years from now. Cabernet Sauvignon Meron Galil, 1991 This brave winery, signaled the beginning of the rise of boutique wineries in Israel. The winery began producing back in 1988 producing Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc in smaller very dark 560 ml bottles that were higher than average commercial prices and for the first time – under no Kashrut supervision! This meant the wines could not be sold to any of the large consumers such as hotels, wedding halls and supermarkets. This is a skeleton of what used to be a massive 13% alcohol wine. Dark intense deep red color with brownish rims. Slightly alcoholic nose gives way to some greenish notes and some aggressive oak. Medium +body with plenty of green tannins but with no more fruit of any kind to support anything. Will keep in this manner for 3-4 more years. Cabernet Sauvignon Tsoraa 1993 Tsoraa’s 1 st wine produced by winemaker Roni James and aided by Dr. Margalit. This is a sharp well defined wine that has passed its peak to remain with an appealing oak, sweet tobacco nose but flavors show nothing else. Will not suffer drinking it as long as there are no expectations. Lacks the Tsoraa character of multi-layers of herbs and dried fruits. Castel Grand Vin 1994 Seguin-Moreau barrel makers should be proud of Eli Ben Zaken and his staff. They have cunningly used whatever wine was inside to preserve an appealing sweet oak nose mixed with subtle herbs and by far the best expression of oak flavor to be found in Israel. No more no less. Cabernet Sauvignon Tsoraa 1995 Three reds were produced by Tsoraa in 1995. The Cabernet Sauvignon Tsoraa vineyards 1995, the Cabernet Sauvignon Tsoraa Galil 1995 – the last proof winemaker James needed to focus on his own Beith Shemesh vineyards and the Special Selection. As the latter is sold out – we went for the regular 1995. Avoiding the bad vintage of 1994 this is the first true Tsoraa expression. A wonderful nose of sweet dried fruits, green almonds, sweet tobacco, herbs and some nutmeg and Cinnamon turns the sniffing into a pleasure. Very soft on the entry and explodes in the back – another Tsoraa characteristics No longer mouth filling as before, this wine is heading down hill and best consumed during 1995 and 1996. During our lives, we may encounter some free spirits. Envy might arise simply because we have decided to imprison our own minds.
  23. Andre

    Three Georgian Wines

    I envy those more fortunate than I. My encounter with the Georgian iwnes left very poor impression. Lack of supervision resulting in changing qualities that were too difficult for me to follow. Here are some wines I have tasted recently: Saperavi, Mukuzani ACT Deep red cherry color. Soft, fruity and well- balanced nose with some sweet vanilla and mild tobacco finish Soft on the entry yet with apparent VA and unpleasant acidity that is probably due to hot fermentation. A sharp and green finish. Supris Gvuno no. 3 Red cherry towards red garnet color. Soft round sweet cherry nose with mild raspberries and sweet lactic finish. Sweet on the entry with little complexity with some green flavors. A cheap sweet wine fortified with sugar. Too much cherry flavor to be true. Saperavi ACT Dark red deep color Mild fruity nose with some raisins fairly one dimensional and very simple. Soft on the entry with sharp acidity well balanced with a mildly sour finish. Alaznis Veli Semi-sweet Sweet syrupy nose concentrated but not complex. Late harvest flavors with a sharp acidity yet one dimensional, fairly simple and heady. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a very good potential for grape varieties such as Saperavi either from Georgia or Northern Turkey.
  24. Andre


    Finally in the holly-land The movie reminded me of the T.V. shows where they try to convert a beer drinker into a sommelier only this time the converter is a potential alcoholic. Some amusing scenes but very few coherent and seem misplaced for those not familiar with the locations. It seems the director was filming through a narrow opening not allowing us to fully enjoy the whole scenario.
  25. What! No Jackie Chan wines? I mean the stuff is hot in Hong Kong big time!!!
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