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  1. Again a pleasure to read, Whenever a waiter\ess asks me if I want a glass after choosing a wine, I answer that it is impolite to drink from the bottle. "Corky wines are easy to spot and once you get the knack it's like riding a bike. First of all think musty. Find an old damp basement with some books that have been sitting there for a few years. Open that damp book and insert your nose. Breath deeply. That's what corky wine smells like". How about plastic ? When the first plastic bottled 1.5l mineral water appeared, I could not drink it because of the plastic flavor it had. The artificial addition was unacceptable to me. Water belonged to nature and plastic did not. You can get used to them but they can never marry. Another type of modern cork that just hit the market is the Metacork I will look for a link.
  2. Andre

    Colder glasses ?

    Great answer thanks, [ some research too... ] A couple of things got my attention: " there will not be a whole lot of difference because a little mass with a mid-level specific heat, say .5 oz. of glass compared to 4 or 6 ounces of wine (general with the glass, stingy with the wine) is not going to make a whole lot of difference, IMO, unless the glass is screeching hot (70C) or amazingly cold (0C). Especially over the long run of a whole glass of wine." Theoretically you are correct, but when smelling a warm glass, I found the wine to be shockilngly aggressive. The small amount of wine driven to the side of the hot glass released unpleasant alcoholic aromas that would have sentenced the wine maker for life should he have met the waiter. The simpler and thicker glass refused to cool down that easily. "How long was this meal?" The meal was as short as the possible after the waitresses answer. 20 minutes at the most.
  3. While you are at it, Did you try the Chateau Ste. Michelle-Dr. Loosen, Riesling, Eroica, Single Berry Select, 2000.? It should be around 160$-200 $ [ and very privelaged to get a bottle ].
  4. Andre

    Colder glasses ?

    I have one English word for this - shocking ! What I am aiming at is a better control of the temperature through the use of glass. I noticed, in my case, that the wines and the glasses were not stored in the same place. This could lead to a change in the intended temperature. Just a thought....
  5. Andre

    Colder glasses ?

    It was actually around the 90 degrees that night.
  6. Andre

    Colder glasses ?

    Greetings all, The heat waves are rushing vintages all over but are turning long sitdowns to a somewhat unpleasat treat. I went out with my wife to a new bistro some time ago and the wine list had nothing interesting on. My wife asked for a glass of read and I made do with Tequila on the rocks. The hot glass turned the simple wine extremely unpleasant, this could have happened because of the weather or dishwasher. The waitress did not accept my comment end answered that " red wine should be served at room temperature" Do you or would you chill a glass of wine brefore you serve wine in it ? Thanks, and a good week-end to all.
  7. Another wonderful article, Living in a country that developed from 20 to over 150 wineries in 5 years, this issue is certainly building up importance. I had been noticing a rather drastic fall of the art of architecture all around. long and difficult studies with little possibility of making money, is driving the real talents into other less appealing but more profitable businesses. Perhaps not the place to expand on this mater. The examples of Tokaji and Spain are probably the best that come to mind. With many customers somewhere between lost and confused, overcome by the increasing amount of brand names, Imaging is very crucial. The Wine Spectator visited Israel some time ago, A full page report and picture went to the most beautiful winery. Large industrial wineries, concerned with or wishing to elevate their image, are investing heavily into beautifully designed wineries. My first visit to Chateau Petrus was rather shocking for me. The gray unattended building was a disapointing sight. I guess when you make great wines you don't need the fuss. To say the truth, I found Tuscany much more impressive than Bordeaux in this aspect. Long live the art of wine.
  8. Andre

    How Long and How Big ?

    I had been collecting ever since I opened my wine shop. I sell some and drink many.
  9. Fiarly interesting though nobody's inventing the wheel: "Rinsing the nose out with salt water is a home remedy for sinus problems that dates back to ancient Rome, according to Gold and Pincus, and medical literature supports the practice" I will suggest this to a client who claimed she could not taste because of a sinus problem. [ She could not taste any cheese ] The dead sea is quite famous for that and recently, salt pools and rooms, opened up in my area to deal with Sinus problems. I always thought the smell of salt to be aggressive though. Certainly is disturbing when you smell it. My problem with salt is that it tends to dry. Note when you are thirsty, you tend to find saltiness, more dominant. [you can try to taste cheese when your mouth is dry ]. Needs looking into. Thanks for bringing this up Craig.
  10. Andre

    WTN: 2001 Falesco Vitiano

    Thanks for the TN. Interesting to see that you rank the same bottles differently and to enjoy the second one more. I believe that drinking a wine, rather than just tasting it, will teach you the most. Any food with them ? I had a bottle of the Merlot Unbria 2001 by Falesco. Amazing work by the master. Though the nose is still closed, the mouth developed into a perfect balance between Syrupi fruits, spices and oak. Chapeau ! regards Andre
  11. With your permission I will post several tastings together. After carefully looking into my Spanish wine stock with a far from easy self0debating I picked several Hombres and Senioritas to suffer through a 4 hour wine tasting of this great country. Spanish wine tasting Special Reserve, Haifa. August 7th 2003 Vino blanco: Valdemar vino blanco rioja cosecha 2001 Light crystal clear greenish toward yellowish color. Citrus fruit is apparent with hints of sour apples and spices. Med. Bodied Viura with some Malvasia. Quite consistent on the palate, citrus fruits with a spicy finish A good wine very well balanced . Marques de riscal rueda 2000 Yellowish almost goldish color. Ripe tropical fruits rise gently from the glass with some herbs in the back. A dry med. To full bodied wine with a slightly bitter oaky mixed with mineral finish. Impressive dry that will be great with grilled cold water sea fish. Vino tinto: Merlot Navarra Nekeas 1998. Dark red Bordeaux color. Full bodied nose rich with ripe raspberries and black cherries with a toasted oak finish. Jammy on the entry and well balanced with the heavy toasting in the back. A very well made new world wine. Try with grilled steaks. I picked the Melot as an axample of a new world wine. Rioja Faustino 7, 2000. Red light cherry color. A rather sweet nose of strawberries and red forest berries with a slightly peppery finish. Med. to light bodied wine; sour red berries and sweet tobacco mingle nicely on the tongue, fairly simple and not complex with a balanced fruit and soft tannins texture. Well made yet short and not impressive. Nothing to write home about. Rioja Conde de Valdemar Crianza, 2000. Dark red toward chocolate color. A rather closed nose with hints of dark chocolate and coffee with some red berries signaling in between. Med. bodied dry wine with an excellent balance between plums, dry chocolate, spices and oak. Tres bien eleve ! A job well done and an excellent value for the money! Rioja Conde de Valdemar reserva 1997 Red dark toward dark brow color. Massive spicy nose with dried forest fruit aroma, spices and horse saddle. Big on the entry with chewy spices and tannins mingling perfectly with dried plums and blueberries. Will continue to evolve in the coming 2-5 years. A Star at its group. Very impressive value for the money. Rioja Marques de Caceres Reserva 1992 Brownish toward red color Over the hill nose with over ripe fruits, green coffee and spices. Slightly oxidized flavors, dry fruits, spices and chocolate disappearing in the back. Drink now or never. Alion, Ribera del Duero 1996. Dark red with lots of depth. A rather young and still closed nose rich in Blue berries, black cherries and spices. A full-bodied wine with a massive amount of soft tannins red fruits and excellent balance with new oak. Full bodied and chewy. Drinkable now though I would wait for this wine to open up 2-3 more years. Excellent. * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * ** * * * * ** In the modern world that will live in today, there is little room for old people, The rat race is a spartan reflection of George Orwell's world with no place for the weak. We pay little respect for old age unless very influencial. I would term this as the biggest loss of our time. The older part of our society is exiled by the know all modern computer age. They are other thrown in solitude or are driven to share a complex with "their own kind". The Arabs say: Ask the experienced not the knowledgable. We tend to ignore a very wise sentence. This choice of wines requires a step to the road less travelled to be enjoyed. Real Irache Gran Reserva, Navarra, 1983. Light red toward pinkish color with hints of golden brown. A pleasantly light fruity nose with hints of tobacco, vanilla and spices. Very smooth very well balanced lightly elegant wine. A pleasure to drink now, no more acidity or tannins to allow further development. Down hill from here. Rioja 890. La Rioja Alta 1982. Brownish toward red goldish color. A great older Rioja nose with lots of spices, herbs, balanced oak and dry fruits. Very impressive complexity in the mouth with still firm tannins and a fairly good acidity. Dried fruits, spices and herbs deliver a unique balance between harmony and complexity. A great wine to be enjoyed now or in the coming 2 years. Thanks for reading.
  12. Enjoyed it very much. Indeed a favorite aperitif, especially when it comes to mediterranean sea-food. Namely soft shells. Cheers Andre
  13. Andre

    Wines with friends

    "I decanted this about ten days ago and left it in the cellar in the decanter with just a cloth across the mouth;" Jim, this is a first to me. The most I went for with young wines before I lost them was 2 days. I find this very impressive. What temperature is your cellar ?
  14. Another one of those endless days starting on the left foot and seem to be heading to the darkness of a black whole. The day finally ends and crash it is – ouch ! Time to cheer-up. A quick glance at the cellar and a bottle of wine is pulled with no room for hesitation. Nero D’Avola – Cabernet Sauvignon Cygnus 2000 by Tasca D’Almerita. The dark red cherry color is rather clear but some depth is apparent. The nose is a quite closed at the beginning but opens up after 10 minutes in the glass to reveal layers of jammy cherries, raspberries, casis, fresh herbs, black pepper, nutmeg and subtle oak. Since this wine was serving as an aperitif I tried it with an aged Bouchon cheese. My laziness lead to a total crash between the sharp acidic cheese and this full bodied wine. Go to the kitchen toung man… Thin slices of entricote are fried in olive oil over a low fire, some garlic is added. I flipped the meat to sprinkle some zaatar and oregano water and topped it with a thin layer of Gauda cheese. 6 minutes and the food is ready to join the wine. A perfect match elevates me from the dungeon of my agonies to Kurt Vonnegut’s “ everything is beautiful and nothing hurt” As all good things, both wine and food did come to an end. A Dark chocolate parfait with coconut chives and Lavender project loneliness from the rather big table. A bottle of Pinot Noir Chardonnay 2000 from Australia’s Yellow Glen comes to the rescue. This excellent balance of tropical fruits, apples and citric acidity join my parfait and the French word says it all. The cool evening breeze blowing on Mount Carmel carries me out of the reach of politicians...
  15. " Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw when I opened the bill. There was just a note saying "With our compliments," signed by Ducasse and his sommelier. The entire thing was free. " A beautiful and professional gesture on Mr. Ducasse's behalf. I dined in his bistro in Paris [ located near his restaurant ] 2 years ago and it was a total shame. Back in 1999, I spent 3 days in the Cote D'or enjoying the late Bernard Loiseau masterpieces [ still is a great food, by the way ] and was ready to pay the bill including 2 nights in his top of the line hotel. 4 of his books were waiting for me signed instead of the bill [ would have equaled my 2 week vaction in the French villages ]. What are friends for... I know it may sound bad, but many times I mention the price of wine to worried or unsure faces, whenever I reccomend a special wine. Most of the answers are a quick agreement.
  16. Andre


    Just wash it with clean filtered water and flip it on a dry canvas towel. Under no condition would I have prefered to shake wine. Take a minute to experience the tastes of shaken or roughly poured wines as opposed to gently poured wines. Decanting older wines is a quick way to loose them.
  17. Loved your answer Craig. I simply hate the term myself. It is like taking the heart from the body and calling it super. I see the wine makers in Puglia struggling to sell their primitivo and having to put zinfandel on the label. The addition os Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah to Nero D'Avola in Sicily in wines like Camastra and Cygnus by Tasca D'almerita, The new developments in the veneto area etc. Bottom line: nothing tuscan about these "super"
  18. Craig, You are a professional and setting the example as one. Many people will be looking up to you and will try to duplicate your suggestions. When you suggest a specific brand name in a certain recipe, this is exactly what they will use. That is exactly what the commercial companies are aspiring to. I would have prefered to use a general term rather than a spcific brand name.
  19. A question, I understand the cocktails are based on bitters, but why the branding ? I honstly believe this forum can be a step higher than using commercial brands. It is like saying, I cook the meat with Cabernet Mondavi or showing up with a MacDonald bag in a soap opera. I enjoy Martini Bitter, Barbero bitter and several other examples, at sometimes half the price.
  20. How about a white one: Kranabet.
  21. Andre

    Greek Wines

    Big changes in Greece in the last 5 or so years and not all to my liking. Greece resembles tradition to me and one of the last to hold against the new world wine Tsunami. With many greek wine makers studying in Davis or Adelaide or greek wine makers hiring international wine experts, many of them will be washed away into the ABC world. The greek know very well how to live of the earth in terms of both food or beverage. The fact that an addition of Cabernet to Aghiorghitiko makes it a superior wine is enacceptable. Indeed many are usued to the Cabernet flavors and will like the wine more if they find something familiar. [ I guess mama's food tastes best ] but, in no way should it be rated higher ! The greeks are not the best in marketing I guess. They have the best food, unique [ and that is a very positive word these days ] wines, great scenery and yet considered inferior to many other European countries. "On the non-dessert side I think you have to compare the Greek reds to Serge Hochar and Chateau Musar from the Bekaa Valley." Steve, I am sorry not to agree with this one. Indeed both express worm climate [ especially on the production side ] but this is where I see as the end of comparison. As far as the desert side is concerned: In place like Samos and their Nectar, I very much hope the land and wine production will go private so we can all enjoy the true expression of this great island.
  22. Andre

    Goats du Roam

    " think the rose is by far the best. I've had a couple bottles of the red, but there are preferable Cotes du Rhones at the same price. " I fully agree. To go into the trouble of blending so many wines into a Rose' and selling it for a very reasonable price. A great drinking med. bodied fruity, crispy and very well ballanced wine.
  23. Andre

    Goats du Roam

    The Goats do roam blend tends to express a dif. angle at dif. times. The 1999 and 2000 vintages were slightly softer and better ballamnced than the 2001 and 2002. Perhaps age is an important factor but I don't think the assemblage expressed much harmony. Best ask the goats I guess....
  24. Andre

    Dinner with friends

    "With a small green salad, roasted corn on the cob and a grilled sandwich of rosemary, black olive bread; grilled portabello, tomato, fresh mozzarella and arugala pesto: 2000 Sylvie Esmonin, Gevrey-Chambertin VV: A simple, straight-forward, ripe pinot with no sense of place and little interest. Boring but pleasant. No grip or tannin showing" In my opinion, this is not an easy combination for any wine, especially a Chambertin: black olive bread, Arugula Pesto, Green salad.... A Hard fight for this wine....
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