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  1. Hi there, I'm looking to get in touch with the guys from Precis vodka from several weeks... Unfortunately, any phone numbers and emails that I got is not anymore available. Please, could you help me to get some news from them ??? Cheers
  2. Admin: threads merged Hi, Did you heard about the news that Guide Michelin will do a Guide Michelin in New-York ? Cheers
  3. Exactly, The Nolet family distilled vodka but also a kind of dutch gin called genever. The genever is only available in Holland and n fact Ketel One vodka is available in Holland but just in a few places. Here's an article http://www.mondiale.co.uk/bartender/tastejun04.html Cheers
  4. Here's the website www.corzo.com and here's the article http://www.tequilaaficionado.com/article.php?sid=309. What a beautiful packaging, looks like a perfume bottle.
  5. Lavender mix recipe 15 oz of lime juice 15 oz of lemon juice 20 oz of white sugar 4 teaspoon of lavender flowers Put in a pan and let boil 2 minutes than removed from fire and let infused 5 minutes. Blend until smooth and strain in a bottle. Keep in fridge Provence Lavender'tini from LE MARKET (Paris) 2 oz of Grey Goose Le Citron 3 oz of lavender mix 1 splash of Perrier
  6. Hi all, I heard that Grey Goose and Zygo vodka are actually working on a new project called Wild Goose. In fact Wild Goose is a mix of Grey Goose l'Orange and Zygo vodka. Do you have any info about it ? THANKS
  7. Hi, I just discoverd muscovado sugar, could you please tell me what do you think about this sugar and do you have any cocktails recipes with ? Thanks
  8. Did you try VEDRENNE Supercassis Crème de Cassis Cote d'Or imported by Victoire Imports Co., San Leandro, CA. Cheers
  9. The best brand créme for kir is Cartron. http://www.cartron.fr/
  10. Hi all, Here in France we made Kir with aligoté white wine. For the créme we use diferents flavoreds such cassis, pêche, mûre or framboise. I suggest you to use the double créme if available in your area. Also, We call kir bourguignon a kir made with red wine such red Merlot. Cheers
  11. Hi, I'm actualy writing an article about the new gins market, I would like to contact the PR of the company but unfortunately I couldn't find her mail or phone numbers. If anyone have some info, it will be great. Thanks
  12. Hi, I suggest you to go to the restaurant le Totem, it's a really nice place just in front of the eiffel tower. There is a huge terrasse with one of the greatest view of Paris. If you are interesting I can book a table for you. Let me know www.letotem.fr swingers@noos.fr
  13. Hi all, I heard about a new vodka call Zygo wich is a energy vodka (70° proof). This product is not available in France, so I would like to know if someone ever taste it. www.morningvodka.com Also, what do you think about the Rose's cocktail infusion ? Is there alcohol on it ? www.rosesinfusions.com Thanks
  14. Hi all, I was on the Grey Goose vodka web site and actualy when the first page open up you have a note information about the origin of Grey Goose. It explain that Grey Goose is a vodka who come from France but owned by an american company. I’m o.k. with that. The point who is really interesting is how they change her “marketing“. (I think) I explain myself, here in France they sell Grey Goose as a french product since the first time and it don’t change. When I was in NYC a few years ago I talked to a bartender who told that the Grey Goose marketing in the US comunicate about the french origin and the top quality of the product. And now with this note information I see that Grey Goose marketing change her mind, now they comunicate more about the top quality and the american company who owned Grey Goose. So I just want to know if I’m true ? and if yes, is it because Grey goose vodka sell are down with the problem with France and US ? I don't know if You understand what I try to say but I hope. Cheers
  15. Hi all, I was on bevmo.com and I saw a new rum call Mojito Club, could you tell me how it's like ? and who is the U.S. distributor ? Thanks
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