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  1. 5 hours ago, Kim Shook said:

    This recipe might give you a good start.  It's not exactly the same ingredients, but similar enough.  You'll have fun recipe testing anyway.  Wish I could join you - it's just the kind of drink I like.

    Thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for but sadly it's intended to be used in a blender. Do you be chance know what the ratio would be when making this in a commercial slushie machine? Because thinks work differently between a blender and a slushie machine. The correct ammount of sugar needs to be present to get the "slush" texture and everything needs to be scaled up in quantity and I have to be careful of how much alcohol I add to make sure the mixture is able to freeze.

  2. Recently had a cocktail called "Blue Ice" from Home Run Inn and really loved it. I want to make one myself. I don't have any prior experience in making alcoholic slushies but I do have a commercial 5 Gal Elmeco slushie machine!

    I emailed the company for the recipe/instructions but they said they would only be able to tell me what's in it and not the exact proportion since they make it in bulk. Here are the ingredients.

    If anyone here has experience making similar types of alcoholic cocktails in a slushie machine I would really appreciate if you could help me come up with a baseline of the ingredients I have to add to start testing this cocktail.

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