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  1. HOST'S NOTE: The eG Forums are allowing this post by new member Flamirodon as a service to our members, but we have not vetted the software itself. As always when installing software from unknown sources, please use care and take precautions before installing. The original post follows. ********** Hello guys a found a solution to move LC 2011 to other machines. But it is only practicable for people who are owning a license, a computer key and an unlock code. If you got this, look for dn-spy-net-win32. With this program you can change the behaviour of LC2011. More details I wil
  2. Hello guys, me and my partner are hobby cooks and are usign Living Cookbook 2011. As my partner has a old Laptop and is afraid of loosing her receipts and her software, I started to research for a solution the software can migrate to other systems. I now found a way to grant the software to run on an other PC. You need a license, a computer key and the unlock code depending on the computer key. At least you need on more little program, which can change the behaviour of the Software. I am writing an instruction for the fixing. I will also post in the specified thread for more infos.
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