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  1. Hi Franci, I saw a post that you made about Fishmongers and I was wondering where that is because I would like to buy some fresh fish like you found. Would you mind sharing with me where that is? Thanks so much! Carol
  2. Can you tell me where the Fishmonger is located as we would love to buy fresh fish.
  3. Wow, thank you for the referral I will look her up.
  4. I know only a few dishes but my husband also cooks and he knows more.
  5. Hello everyone! I am an avid baker and have over the last year and a half started to explore the wonders of French pastries. I am finally an empty nester and now have the time to try all of the wonderful French recipes I love to eat. I am married to a Portuguese man and he is the one who opened the wonderful world of cooking to me and all of its amazing flavors before that I was like any other young adult I cooked from a box. LOL Hope to peruse and get to know others here who also have a love of baking/cooking! Carol
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