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  1. Perhaps you can help me out. I've noted, with some surprise/curiosity, that several people (across various threads here) are very, very into using these ovens for TOAST. No disrespect, but why would someone spend hundreds of dollars for toast (as in a "toaster oven") when there are perfectly good toasters for a few dollars? (If we spend more that $3.99 for a toaster at the thrift store I'm feeling extravagant!) When I first started looking for a new combi countertop oven I was initially put off by seeing them listed as "toaster oven" -- I want to bake, not toast -- but now I'm scratching my head: people *do* actually appear to get these (just) to make a piece of toast -- and to be quite into the whole experience/result. What am I missing?
  2. Thanks. I just searched Panasonic's site and it looks like they have 7 models, ranging from $550 to $1350. Do you know what model number you had?
  3. Thanks. We'll swing by Best Buy and give it a look. I'd like to hear from anyone who has used it specifically for baking bread that calls for 400-degree(plus) initial bake (using a Dutch Oven). Did it take a long time to come to temp. with the DO in the oven?
  4. Does Breville make a combination convection oven + microwave that you'd recommend? I don't care about toasting or oven frying. We just need it to microwave (in the most basic sense) and also bake at a high temperature (i.e., 450-degrees), for breads & pizza. It will not be built-in so there's plenty of space on all sides for any required air flow. Our current model (an old Kenmore) claims that it goes to 450-degrees but it takes over an hour to reach that and, even then, the thermometer in the oven does not report that it's actually at that temp. I am hoping that today's technology has improved the ability of a "countertop" combi oven to deal with high baking temp: being able to reach that temp in a "reasonable" amount of time (half an hour?) and to maintain that temp during a baking cycle. But, so far, my searches have not turned up any viable candidates. Thanks!
  5. How long does it take to preheat to 450-degrees (for steam baking bread)? (I have a combo microwave/convection - not Cuisinart - that takes over an hour to reach 450.)
  6. <sigh> All the replies I've received do make sense. I'll need to give some thought to other alternatives, since I'm only looking for the 'steam' functionality (which likely means this model is overkill). E.g., a lighter oven could be stored above the fridge but moved to the counter for use. I would consider the CSO-300 (reading those threads) since it's only around 23 lbs. and has the steam function, but I see it's now discontinued. Are there other threads on countertop steam ovens that I could be following?
  7. Any idea on why it was discontinued? I've found only a few sites that still have these in stock to sell (including some that would ship from Australia (!!)) but I'm now concerned about purchasing something discontinued. And I certainly wouldn't want to contemplate a possible adjustment with an overseas supplier. I'm especially interested in this for bread baking, with steam, so if the steam function was the point of failure/concern then I wouldn't want to pursue a discontinued item. I have contacted Cuisinart to see if they have (or plan) a future model with the steam function. I see they have many, many variations on a small oven but, so far, haven't found one that does steam. Given the popularity of bread baking I'm puzzled on why they would drop that -- unless there's some fundamental flaw/difficulty in that kind of feature. Do the fans of the combo/steam functionality here have alternatives worth considering? Thanks!
  8. There’s probably 6’ (or more) above the top of the fridge.
  9. Is this the Cuisinart model being discussed: Cuisinart Combo Steam & Convection Oven (CSO-300N)? If so, do you know why it's no longer available on Amazon? (https://www.amazon.com/Cuisinart-CSO-300N-Convection-Steam-Stainless/dp/B019XOZYEA) Is this the same item at WS? (https://www.williams-sonoma.com/m/products/cuisinart-combo-steam-and-convection-oven/) Thanks!
  10. I'm interested in a steam oven for bread baking (like several here have been discussing). Our countertop space is limited and I'd like to use the oven on top of our refrigerator. Yes, I understand that it is VERY heavy but once it's up there, would it be practical to use it that way? The top of our fridge is at 65".
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