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  1. When I checked with Anova a couple of months ago, standard shipping to any of the 48 states was free. (It's additional here to us in Hawaii.) What leads you to think there's now a shipping charge to a mainland state? I ask because I was planning to wait to order until I was back in WA....
  2. I can't thank you enough for that link. That price was a special, short term sale by Amazon -- it's now back up $100+more, but I got my order in during the sale window. I really want the APO eventually but this oven will get me going for the next year, while the APO sorts itself out. I don't need to be an 'early adopter' here in HI (maybe back on the mainland next summer, with bundled shipping & easier exchanges) -- after 20+ winters without anything more than a microwave + cooktop, HI isn't the time/place to go extreme. A basic baking oven should be more than enough. Your help is very
  3. Thanks! I thought I'd gone through all the Amazon options (including the brand named "Oste") but seem to have not come across this one. Since I cannot confirm the Costco model's interior height (leading answers still indicate it is less than 7" high inside), this one seems to be more than adequate in height. And with decent reviews (tho' the exploded glass door photos are a bit off-putting!!) -- I swear I'd never buy anything if I focused on the one-stars. Given that we'd need to walk the Costco oven home (or eat up the savings on an Uber) what you've found for us seems a much bett
  4. How does the APO compare to the F.Blumlein (FBO)? I found the pre-release APO mentioned in an early FBO thread but (unless I’ve missed it) haven’t spotted actual APO / FBO comparisons. The FBO is listed on Amazon Prime which gives it thumbs up on the shipping, but operation and reliability are what’s ultimately important! Given the handful of ‘early adopter’ issues with the APO the idea of exchanging a faulty APO with hefty shipping back & forth doesn’t seem advisable.
  5. Thanks. I saw that. However the shipping surcharge to Hawaii adds $65 to the price, making it less of a deal. I’ll consider that option toward the end of the sale window if I can’t snag it in the warehouse. IAC I need to see the Costco model first since there appear to be several Oster oven models and not all have the interior height for bread baking.
  6. I just checked our Costco and the $99 (on sale) Oster ovens sold out on day one. But they say they may be getting more in. The sale runs nearly a month, so I can hope! Meanwhile I continue to be puzzled by what Oster reports for the interior size of the oven. To questions posed on the Oster site, at least two answers report that the interior height (from "lower rack to top heater") is 6.85 inches. I'm looking at the product images and the photos & posts here. And under 7" just cannot be right. Can anyone explain why Oster would describe the interior this way? Meanwh
  7. FYI, I received a 2nd reply from Anova. This time the answer is "Thank you for contacting the support team! The Oven is to be set strictly counter top only."
  8. Costco has the Oster French Door Oven on sale for $99. While I'm trying to figure out if I can make the APO work (and pay the crazy surcharges to get one to Hawaii), does anyone have experience with this Oster? I realize it's not steam (or fancy) but it does seem like a decent footprint and might do for some basic baking functions. What do you think?
  9. Thanks to KAD and others who replied. Putting it inside a cabinet wasn't my first choice anyway -- thought of the heat factor but hadn't considered the escaping steam. Anyway, the cramped access to the lower cabinet would have made this problematic in any case. FWIW, I did ask Anova and got a very vague reply ... not that it should not be installed in a cabinet but that "enough space" should be allowed around the unit. Not exactly a spec.!! If I was going to pursue that option I would press them for specifics. How about the option of outdoors, on a sheltered corner of
  10. I'm trying to figure out the best place to place the APO. My counter space is very, very limited so I need to look into alternatives. One would be to place it in a door-less under-counter cabinet space. Is there an issue with having the APO in an enclosed space (top, bottom, back & 2 sides, with an open air front)? I looked on the Anova site (spec sheet) but didn't see this discussed; also dropped them a note but haven't heard back. Another alternative is to have it on the lanai (in a corner out of the weather). Any reactions to these ideas? Thanks!
  11. This (Hour 1 Observations) was posted on the Anova forum: https://community.anovaculinary.com/t/oven-hour-1-observations/26882 One of the points talks about a recommendation (requirement?) for using distilled water. Any thoughts on that (or on any of the other points ... flickering light...)?
  12. Our concern is for it in situ -- would love to see some photos, when you have a chance.
  13. I really hope the 12.4" turns out to be the depth. A 10" depth kills off all the 12" round pans (cake, pizza, etc.) which sounds like a bad idea.
  14. Oh, excellent! Several of those (including Amazon Prime) work for Hawaii (assuming the retailer opts to carry the APO, eventually). Thank you!!
  15. How likely is it that the APO will eventually be sold at outlets such as Best Buy (or Home Depot ... or even Costco)? At this time, the Anova site shows additional shipping charges for Alaska & Hawaii.
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