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  1. Ah, a good cup of coffee- something that many cannot start their day without. In Italy it is a staple and perhaps coffee's spiritual home. When drinking coffee in Italy, it is very different to other countries. The whole experience is filled with mysterious unwritten rules that somehow every Italian is born knowing. Craving a cappuccino? Better check the time. Traditionally, any kind of milky coffees like lattes or cappuccinos are not ordered past 11 a.m. Italians consider this to be a breakfast drink, because milk. Yes, milk. Italians believe that milk plays a major rol
  2. @TicTac Florence is one of my favorite towns too! Here are some photos (some are in the winter months)
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm excited to share some recipes. We are going into winter now, so I am making lots of soups and homemade breads! Will definitely share some traditional recipes.
  4. It's one o'clock on a warm summer's day in Florence, I'm on my way to get ingredients for lunch. The sun is high in the sky, the cobblestones are warm under my feet and the aroma of something delicious is in the air. My mind starts to drift to the onions, celery and tomatoes I need for my pasta sauce, oh and don't forget something sweet for dessert...this truly is la dolce vita. My thoughts are soon interrupted by an unwelcome "chiuso" sign on the door of my new favorite deli. The blinds are closed and the friendly owners are nowhere in sight. The reality of having my favorite past
  5. Hi from South Africa! I own a business selling fresh pasta and pasta dishes in Cape Town. Looking forward to reading more about the food industry and seeing what's out there. I am also hoping to share some of my writing and opinions on food.
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