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  1. SarahPorta

    Dinner 2020

    Really enjoying orange marinades lately. Looks delicious!
  2. It'll come with practice.
  3. Oh, just made this, tasty!
  4. SarahPorta

    Breakfast 2020!

    Diced onion, olive oil, chopped kale, diced pepper while drinking a coffee, ironing baby's clothes, fertilizing the lawn
  5. salmon filets, lemon, butter, tarragon, chives, salt and freshly cracked pepper 122 degrees for 30 minutes in sous vide
  6. Super bored this summer, trying to grill different unusual stuff. Fruits like melons, pears, pinapples, oranges. Mix them into strange salads and sandwiches with salmon, avocados, lamb.
  7. Hi everybody! Have used sous vide for a few years now for some basic and want to learn more. Happy to be here, Sarah
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