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  1. Shinbashi in midtown. Not the best food, but the kindest, most gentle, and most generous bartender you could ever meet. Sitting at the bar was always like entering another world where nothing else mattered. Drinks appeared exactly when needed, conversation occured when apppropriate, and nothing ever disturbed the peaceful vibe of the bar. Every Martini was perfect. I still wonder where he ended up...
  2. I've not yet seen the ads. Over 20 years ago I worked in the space management department of the Coca Cola Bottling Company of LA -- we determined shelf space allocation for products. We bottled Crush in the LA basin and always added extra space in the more ethnic areas to Crush and other fruit flavors. Grape in particular did well in predominately African American areas, although diet sodas of any type did not. I'd check with your Crush Bottler to see if they are bottling diet grape first. If they do, you'll probably find it at the supermarkets with a more ethnically diverse clientele. Diet grape Crush wil probably not show up first in Malibu...
  3. Let's not forget the other British favorite, faggots. Faggot Fans from BBC
  4. We started our kids out very early in nice restaurants. That said, we would try to get a table when the restaurant opened and on quiet nights. We ate lots of meals at 5:30 or 6:00 on Sunday nights, but by the age of three, both of our girls knew what was acceptable behavior at a restaurant. At 7 and 12 ("almost 13!!!") they love going out to eat, and we still get complements. Both girls cut their culinary teeth at Zanghi in Westport, CT, and we were never not welcome. An added plus of learning how to eat out is that the kids get to try lots of different things. They see that eating is an adventure and exciting, and I think their palates benefit. Seeing that there is now an official reply from Clio, I say go for it. be respectful of the other patrons, and don't be afraid to cut your losses. You can always pack up the food and wine, and finish dinner at home.
  5. How about Southsides, with Goslings black, lemonade, and a sprig of mint? Great for hot weather, and tastes a good bit like iced tea.
  6. "I'll have a biscotti..." A biscotto, some biscotti
  7. Chris, I think there are too many cheese eating surrender monkeys at Balduccis in Westport. While you don't make the trip anymore from GCT, I found my best bet was to get my fish at Wild Edibles, my meat at Ceriello, and cheese at Murray's. I've had the same problems as you in Westport, and look forward to getting some help from others.
  8. Arugula is the most mainstream food that I dislike. You might as well take a piece of lettuce and dip it cat urine as far as I am concerned. I love nearly every liver I have tasted save one -- monkfish liver. The texture of liver and taste of fish, however mild, made me gag. I could not get it down my throat.
  9. Thanks to all for your suggestions. We flew down on Saturday (14th) morning, and aside from the the thunderstorms that afternoon, had beautiful weather. We had a great trip. We did Sea Critters (kids loved feeding the fish), as well as Berns (good Steaks, kids loved it -- reminded them of the Haunted Mansion at DW), Philthy Phils (Good), Fergs Beach House (okay), The Pub (based on a rec from brother-in-law, food was downright bad) and Conch Republic (surprisingly okay). We didn't venture too far off Gulf Boulevard as we were usually about to collapse by the time we decided to get something to eat. We even ate lunch at the Crabby Bills in Clearwater Marina where they cooked our just-caught Spanish Mackerel for us. Our usual dining places are a little more upscale than where we ate while down in FL, but we really enjoyed most of our meals. Everywhere we went, we had great, friendly service.
  10. Supposed to be getting in mid-afternoon Sat, but that doesn't matter. Good luck to everyone down there.
  11. Diana -- I've been watching closely, and keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for all the recs so far. Will
  12. My family and I are travelling down to St. Pete Beach next week for a stay at the Don Cesar. We've already booked our night at Bern's, but are looking for as many other recommendations as you folks can provide. We'd love to find some good places closer to the hotel. Also, any kitchy, touristy places with a view AND good food? Finally, with kids 12 and 6, we'll be making the trip to Busch Gardens. Any recommendation as to places in the park, or as we drive back to the hotel? Thanks in advance!
  13. Aside from the standards above, my Vermont Yankee grandmother used to give butter and sugar creamed together to soothe a sore throat. However, she once made me "beef tea" from her Fannie Farmer cookbook (Boston Cooking School?). It was chopped beef and lightly salted water placed in a mason jar, then placed in a pot of barely simmering water to "steep." The liquid is strained off and served to the infirm. It absolutely sucked. It is the reason I cannot stand Connecticut steamed cheeseburgers.
  14. I get mine at Costco. They come in a big can, that is the size of three individual cans. I think it's $5-$6. Hayday in Westport, CT carries them as well, but they are way too expensive. I've also picked up some at my local Stop & Shop.
  15. I'll second Limewine's vote for Southsides. I make mine with rum, preferably Goslings, and homemade lemon or limeade over ice. Add a bruised sprig of mint and for me it's summer in a glass.
  16. In the late 70's, wasn't there a Pepsi Light. It was half sugar, half saccharin with some lemon flavoring. I'm not sure if there was a national roll-out, but it was available in SoCal.
  17. My two girls were in the city with my wife to go to the America Girl store on 5th. We had lunch at Katsu-Hama, which is alway excellent and certainly not the usual midtwown fare. Katsu lunch for everyone, except me -- I had Katsu-Don. Dinner was at Pizzeria Otto, when the primativo was just fine, the pizzas good, the cheese and gelati excelent. Both were family friendly, but kept the adults interested. (edited for spelling)
  18. Just a little Westport news -- Miramar, which was never very good in my opinion, has closed.
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