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  1. Thank y'all for bearing with me! As I have said, I am self taught so I may use the incorrect terminology sometimes. As for the Hilliard's, I've heard far too many temperature fluctuations can occur and in general, that's its not great equipment. Am I wrong? Now that it's clear that I need a few machines for confectionary coating, besides the Mold'art- what are some 25-80lb machines, with a spout or wheel do yall recommend? I prefer a free standing one but I can also deal with sharing precious counter space with a table top machine. NOTE: I will be using someone else's money to buy these but I'd say my budget for two melters is 6-8 grand but would be fantastic if I could spend less 😊
  2. I see, I'm just throwing words out willie nillie. πŸ˜„ Sorry about the confusion, I use the Ghirardelli 25lb box of wafers, Confectionary coating I believe. These last 6 years I have been making chocolate by hand in a 100 year old house that only has window units and not one in the kitchen. The humidity in New Orleans is frightening for chocolate, to say the least, much less without central air. I adapted to the tools I had and now I am worried to change the flavor up on my customers. I use locally made chocolate for the ganaches but the shells? eh. I feel like people are kinda rubes about that, even in a culinary heaven like New Orleans. Also, my chocolates are quite...special...so there's a separate focus going on as well ya dig. I will be moving into a new building with central air (hallelujah) and perhaps when I'm there I will pester you nice folks for more information on dat out here, Lou
  3. Looking at the Selmi side by side with the Diva makes the Diva look like the low rent version, ha! But they are pretty similar. Right now two of the Mold'art machines is looking like a pretty nice option to start with. Now, remember y'all, I will be putting confectionary coating in these! Will I still have thickening problems if I also have the pump? And will I still need an EZtemper as I am not tempering chocolate? I am a bit confused as to the advantages of using it for ganache as well, can anyone elaborate? Thanks, Lou
  4. FIRST OFF, thank you so much to everyone who replied! I am self taught, so advice and knowledge is gracefully received. I plan to be on this site more as I have recently acquired a laptop, hooray πŸ™‚ Has anybody used the Diva machines? I wish I could attach a video the rep sent to me in drop box, it's pretty seductive. foot pedal and a heated vibrating table. Of course my first inclination was to find a few savage kettles but I haven't had much luck yet. Does anyone have model numbers for 25lb and/or 50lb savage kettles that I should be on the lookout for? Mol d'art melter enthusiasts: Doesn't ladeling into chocolate moulds get cumbersome and messy? I have faith that it keeps true temperature, as it was designed by Wybauw but is that assumption naΓ―ve? There's no auger! It reminds me so much of those cheapy food warmers, I wonder how the heating is properly dispersed and the temperature is secure. Does it have a spout/skimmer attachment similar to the one for Chocovision and delta machines? The kitchen will have two glass doors so a little flair would be nice. EZ temper: I will be more interested in this apparatus after I move into my commercial space. I will have room to build a box for cocoa butter spray and learn how to spray moulds. Up until now I have decorated with powdered food coloring. I think my past history of pinstriping cars and motorcycles will help me with the gun but y'all can be sure I will be coming here for advice on that. *Also any and all advice on dry cases is greatly appreciated πŸ’‹ thanks again!
  5. As of today, September 27th I have had replies from two companies. The pro BAKE diva 12 is the melter with the heated vibrating table & the R400 of the same line, enrobes as well. The diva 12 was the 12,000 quote... I have had replies from WOHL for a water jacketed machine but no specs or numbers yet after several back and forths and that's it! Not a lot of folks have replied, surprisingly. I am used to working with water jacketed savage kettles from the 70's, hep me
  6. Hello all! Longtime creeper, first time poster. I have been running my little chocolate company by hand in south Louisiana for the past 6 years now. Quarantine has become somewhat of a boom for our bon bons and business is up 300%. This Thursday I will be taking a second look at a commercial property and should be making an offer if all goes well. I personally come from dirt and the most expensive thing I've ever purchased is a motorcycle so I never thought I would be staring at chocolate tempering machine with heated vibrating tables that are 12,000 bucks! I have contacted a few different retailers and received quotes but I am blindly doing so. The machines I worked with at a local retailer were from the 70's. Because of my humble upbringings these numbers kinda freak me out. Please help! I need recommendations for two melters or tempering machines that can handle about 25-50lbs of COVETURE chocolate each in order to turn out my shells. Also I need a vibrating table. The dream of course would also be to have the machine that washes and polishes shells but that may have to wait. I need to send specs to one of my investors as he has may have some big machinery hookups. But I am unsure as to which is best. I know a water jacketed machine has worked quite well for me in the past but, beyond that? I know not. Thanks
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