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  1. Thanks. I will return my 3 Misen pans of the same size if I can find that set! The 12" doesn't wobble empty, and the 10" doesn't wobble with a single egg. The 8" requires a reasonable amount of weight. I purchased it as an egg pan for 1-2 eggs. It still wobbles considerably with a few eggs in it.
  2. I ended up trying some gel toothpaste and a soft bristled toothbrush. It came right up.
  3. What’s the smallest diameter fryer from Nouvelle have you used without tipping issues? With just a few eggs in it perhaps.
  4. LOL!! I literally just got them in the mail today. They are Misen 8, 10, & 12” non-stick.
  5. Thank you. Any suggestions about my smaller (8" & 10") non-stick egg pans tipping up due to the temperature sensor with just a few eggs in them? They aren't cheapie pans. They have some weight to them.
  6. I have some smaller non-stick egg and omelet pans. When I put them on the CF, the spring loaded sensor pushes up against them so they don't sit flat against the glass. Suggestions?
  7. I used a cast iron pan on my CF yesterday. Apparently there is rust on the bottom. Some of this transferred to my CF cooktop glass. It didn't come off with simple water and dishtowel. Any suggestions? I haven't cleaned it with anything other than water and dishtowel at this point, so am hesitant. Don't want to damage the top of my expensive unit!!
  8. No problem. I think eBay is going to be the best longterm option. Just keep my eyes open.
  9. Thank you. I will try these suggestions too.
  10. Will do. I'll give that a try. I'm also going to try increasing the temperature to a simmer and see if that keeps the egg off the bottom of the pan. It's too bad it stuck...the whites were perfect. The egg was probably older as there were lots of 'wispy' parts of the white that came off. The denser part of the white was cooked completely and still tender. The yolk was completely runny! Just the way I like it!!
  11. Exactly! Poaching on the non-precision cookers of the past...I RARELY had a problem with sticking. I can't remember the last time it happened. I'm thinking with the temperature of the water at 183F, it's not boiling, allowing the eggs to drop and sit on the bottom of the pan. The only option would be to increase to a simmer and decrease time. I'll give that a try in the morning.
  12. LOL...Obviously before. I was thinking you might have been talking about frying eggs as the idea of non-stick spray AND water had never REMOTELY crossed my mind. Didn't mean to come of dense!
  13. Before putting the water in? Off the top of my head I'd think it would come up when the water started heating up...but I'll give it a go! Thanks.
  14. I cooked some poached eggs this morning. The consistency was PERFECT. 183 degrees F for 4 1/2 minutes. The only problem was they stuck to the bottom of the pan. Any suggestions?
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