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  1. Really interesting to read your thoughts on your return to London. I live just up the road from the Indian restaurant you visited on Stroud Green Road! I've had a couple of great meals there.
  2. I was very sad to read about this. He was one of the fist chefs I enjoyed watching on TV back in the 90s when cookery shows really took off (or had a resurgence, at least) here in the UK.
  3. I agree too. My mum struggles to walk and it makes such a difference when we go to places where people are able to recognise that and offer help in a kind way. I was interested to hear your thoughts on Blaze pizza. I was in Canada for the first time in January and came across this place and loved it. So much so that I sought it out on my next visit. We have a lot of good pizza here in London but this concept has yet to make it's way over. I came across something similar in Las Vegas this year too but I don't recall the name of that particular place.
  4. I'm excited to be following along for real this time, rather than just lurking. This is one of my favourite parts of eGullet! You've probably mentioned it before, but is Ronnie a full-time hunter?
  5. Hi Kim! It's lovely of you to welcome me. I knew that about you actually having enjoyed your mentions of being raised by an English stepdad. I love the food that you cook too, so different to what I'm used to (although with a definite English twist every now and again!) I hope that doesn't come across as too stalkery!
  6. I seem to miss thanksgiving every year unfortunately but I love reading about it. We don’t celebrate here in the U.K. but there does seem to be a trend for “Friendsgiving” gaining some momentum, largely driven by influencers and their constant need for content, IMO. My next trip to the US is DC and I think I’ll be there for NYE which should be fun.
  7. Thats interesting, thank you. Is it common for people who have access to fresh turkeys to purchase them or are they generally not available/people are not bothered about fresh over frozen?
  8. I’m new around here and from the U.K. where we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I love reading about the different family traditions and seeing pictures of what you all cook. I have a question, if this is the right place to ask it. It seems that mostly your turkeys are frozen and I wondered what the reason was for that. I have seen the occasional mention of fresh turkeys but it doesn’t seem common.
  9. Hello! I've been following along for a while so thought I should make the jump to signing up properly. I'm from London but spend a fair amount of time in the US and am fascinated by the differences. I especially love the Dinner thread for pictures of home-cooked food. I don't cook as much as I used to but I'd like to change that and would love to join in.
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