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  1. ...seeing post after post after post like this was why i left....just search already...
  2. read the article in the Vancouver sun this morning. this sounds like pure business to me. funny how people read into this stuff more than what is there as if they have some first hand knowledge of what was going on? i mean how many of us really know what the business deal was 2 years ago prior to the new investors coming on the scene and know what is set out in the legal agreements for that business deal. i am sure Rob will do fine, however, not so sure about the restaurants. i hope Rob was smart enough to ensure he could at least keep his name of the second restaurant in the event that things soured.
  3. My wife just loves the lo mai gai as she tells me it is pronounced (her parents are from Hong Kong) Lo Mai Gai.
  4. I am also interested in the answer to this as I visit Orlando pretty regularly and always looking for something like this.
  5. having seen the Clams with spicy black bean sauce I am so craving some of that.
  6. mkjr


    This is the kind of ignorant Bee Ess I hate, Blood Alley has been an integral part of Gastown/Vancouver for more decades than the Grope & Flail has been printing outright falsehoods. ← saw that also, although as one gets closer to Carrall, at least in my life time, the area around the Old SF has, IMO, erroded year after year. thankfully, it has started to improve. when i was back at Christmas i must have missed or just walked by Salt.
  7. We had this same item - shrip heads - at Ten Ichi in Kyoto. Just a little bit of salt is what we were advised to put on them. The freshness is amazing. That said, to eat Tempura just as it comes out of the fryer and while sitting at the bar is something we had never enjoyed and will have a tough time eating any other way.
  8. Jennifer: Great thread. Look forward to the next posts. This brings back memories of our very recent trip to Japan in May 2007 and how much we long to return. Doc: You so have to get there. We went on a whim with only a month to plan and had a great (i mean amazing) time. I am not sure where I will be able to get sashimi like this (which we picked up at one of the stalls in Tsukiji for only 500Y (at the time around CDN$5) ever again.
  9. thought I would add a photo since a picture is worth....as you can see at Lee's there is a few that have been shucked but many in that bucket to go.
  10. I now recall it was the 2004 Southing that the LCBO brought in. Think is was the classics last year at this time?
  11. Did you mean IN the US or FROM the US? I agree on the ridiculous price difference for a lot of wines in the states and they have quite a few things there that's really hard (read impossible) to find here (eg. Sea Smoke). I just came back from a NYC trip, made quite a few wine stops and brought back 8 bottles (we were 4 ppl), but would love to find out if there's a way to buy online or something from the states. Especially for those harder to find, trophy wines. Among other things, was able to grab 2 Sea Smoke Botellas, an 03 Opus One, an 03 Dominus and some 04 first growth 2nd house bottles. Even if I could find all of those here, I'd be paying a kidney for them. ← Yes in the US and hold at my storage places in WA, NY and NJ. Sea Smoke does come into the province although not that often. The SS was a pretty good price when I picked up the same. There are a great many wines that do not see the LCBO shelf but are through agents only....by the case of course and for some of the California stuff it is painful.
  12. Even for the Village Reserve? I think they're selling that around $25, that's pretty good for Pinot N. ← As compared with some of the Meo Camuzet Bourgogne or the Marsannay that has come into the LCBO around this mark (still sub 30 as I recall) or the 2005 Au Bon Climat Pinot (think this was 28 bucks on release) and a few others that have come in around this mark yes. Sub 20 and I may think about it, but really you should know that I prefer a very ripe style which just is not going to happen here in Ontario IMO. It really comes down to your preference.
  13. unless you can pick it up at the winery, it will be hard to find. i tried some and it was good, however, at the price they charge, there are other things i would by instead.
  14. mkjr

    BC Wine

    Before you start getting your knickers in a twist, they are talking about the RESERVE Old Vine Foch, not the regular stuff. Neil ← The OLD VINES RESERVE was the regular stuff in 1997 and they did the old switcherooo - ala rebranding!!. You can do a little research and find out what they did which was take the stuff that was the regular bottling and split the same. Just give DL at Marquis a call. He will explain it to you. ← As I was unable to find another to purchase the last 97, 98 and 99 bottles of the old vine Foch from QG that I had (all pre-switcheroo when QG came up with a way to make two Foch bottles and charge more for the "reserve" so 1990s Mondavi) I drank them all in some house cleaning over the last few weeks - boy have I consumed lots of wine that should be drunk long time ago (I wonder what a good wine tastes like as for every 20 over the hill wines we consume, my wife lets me drink one hammer). I must say that the 99 was by far the best bottle. I had thought since 98 was such a great year for heat that it would be the best but the nose was just so funky that never blew off and showed the most age. To my surprise the 99 was actually drinking very well and I enjoyed it very much. I would give it 85 pointss and it is one of the better reds from BC that has a little age on it that I have had. I have only a few oldies left but now my BC wine is down to about 5 bottles max in my entire collection. If you have any of these DRINK UP!!
  15. Lee and Rick's is outstanding. Sit at the blue bar. Cheapest bucket I have ever had and staff will shuck them in front of you. No fine dining but outstanding experience. It was about 3 dozen for 14 bucks or so. Highly recommended.
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