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  1. Does anyone own a Moka pot as well as the control freak? I'm wondering if it'll work on it, or if it's too small (the polyscience is really fussy about pot sizes and materials and positioning before deciding there's no pot on the stove).
  2. Is there a crowd-sourced temperature chart or spreadsheet or wiki or something with common temperatures so we can share? For example, I found 200 C (pan temp) works great for a stainless steel whirley pop for making popcorn.
  3. In general, breakers are rated to only work at continuous 80% loads, so this is to discourage you from pulling 15A on a 15A breaker (which is 100% load), assuming it actually does draw 15A.
  4. Oh believe me, it's reallt difficult to find something like that (90 degree NEMA 5-20p to NEMA 5-20r adapter). I even have the parts to make my onw, but figured I may as well just put the 90-degree plug I bought directly on the thing. I wanted to make sure the wires fit before I started though. I had a couple of engineer friends tell me this isn't a rotten idea.
  5. A shot in the dark here, but has anyone taken apart the cable (I have the Canadian one with the NEMA 5-20P cord)? I want to chop off the end and replace it with a right-angle plug -- the original plug sticks out so much it seems like a hazard (our outlets are about waist height), and was wondering if anyone knew the gauge of the wires inside the stock cable.
  6. New to this forum... Has anyone tried deleting or editing a program? The manual says I should be able to use the right two buttons to edit or delete a program, but when I select a program, the two icons don't show up on the right side like it shows in the manual. [edit: fired it up again today cold, and it seems it lets me edit it now. Perhaps it doesn't work during cooking?]
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