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  1. I found this forum because like so many others, hard drive crash created the opportunity for me to learn that "backup" to a ransom is not a back up at all. Without the defunct web site, our back ups are meaningless as far as the software we purchased. I later found that MasterCook has a way to recover our files. I purchased the program and then on top of that bought a level 2 ticket for $75 and they converted my useless backup into my cookbooks in a form I can use in my new MasterCook software. So I will teach myself this new software. But I immediately printed it to a
  2. Hi, I am new to this forum. I joined because I am a volunteer culinary arts instructor for many schools and institutions. I was using Living Cookbook when my harddrive crashed and learned like many of you that a back up is not really a back up with that "program". I paid the $150 for Mastercook to retrieve my recipes so on to recovering what I can. Look forward to any topic that is vegan.
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