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  1. Anyways, thanks for the help gentlemen.
  2. Hi, To Clarify we're building a model wherein the food is centrally cooked and can be served at multiple location / mutiple cities --- just by heating it up. The person heating the food us would NOT be an experienced chef at all. -- Frozen is the chosen medium because the shelf life is highest and can be transported easily. -- I'll read up about Sous Vide -- Thanks for this opinion. What I as trying to essentially understand is reheating Frozen Food with Steam (like a rational oven) or with Convection/microwave combi - Pros & Cons and of course time factor - which I'll figure out by doing food trial. Thanks,
  3. Hello, Let me provide some more details. There is a central kitchen where the food is 'cooked' and then using blast freeing it its stored in Frozen State. The Type of Meals include Mexican Rice, Indian Biryani, Pastas, Noodles, Stir-Fry Sauces etc. From this central kitchen, the frozen goods are supplied to different points where they are stores in Frozen State. Now as and when an order is received (say for Arrabbiata Pasta), one needs to pull out 2 Frozen Packs -- a) Boiled pasta with Olive oil & sauteed Veggies b) Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce These will have to be 'heated up' (without thawing) using a particular kind of oven, mixed and served. What I need to understand is the right kind of oven for this. My understanding so far is that: - A MerryChef has no steam but it is faster as it provides Impingement + Convection - A Retional Oven has Steam + Convection - but could be slower The requirement is Commercial. Approx 100 Orders per Day Thanks!
  4. Hi, I'd like to provide an array of meals that are frozen and can be quickly heated and served. I'd like your viewpoint on 3 types of ovens 1) Steam Combi - e.g. Rational selfcookingcentre 2) Convection+Impingement- e.g. MerryChef E2S 3) convection + Microvave e.g. Menumaster While I think 2&3 are more suited than 1, but would like your feedback. The menu would consist of Lasagna Pasta Rice Noodles Curries Thanks, Nipun
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