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  1. isn't open yet, but Gary Rhodes may well setting up in the City's tallest building - Tower 42 (Natwest). It should have some view... in the meantime what about ubon - other nobu in westferry circus, docklands. views are good, food suitably expensive.
  2. I don't have any specific statistics on the decline of dolphins owing to sea-bass fishing but this is a problem faced with all large-scale net fishing. The sea bass you should buy is line-caught. There are also new nets being tested with (I think) rigid square panel escape hatches through which dolphins can escape. In trials so far they don't actually escape through these panels, but are scared by the new nets and so stay away entirely. More research needs to be done along these lines. However, we should try not to eat too much of any one given species: farming can have negative effects on th
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