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  1. He's actually a really horrible person -- he becomes a main character. And the bartender doesn't charge him for the bad-tasting variants.
  2. smithgirl


    Actually, I have a cocktail-related question. I'm actually not much of a foodie, although I look some interesting fusion food. I like the Momofuko restaurants in NYC. Sadly, I will probably just drop by this forum when I need culinary/drink expertise for my books.
  3. smithgirl


    Thank you everyone! In fact, I've already gotten some help with my question! I think my question is easy for a person who is familiar with alcohols, but because I'm not knowledgeable in this area, I have no idea where to start. So I need other people's expertise. Thank you for being so welcoming and helpful!
  4. That seems like an especially good idea because the club in my book makes drinks with vulgar names, and it seems this ingredient is also used in a drink called Hanky Panky. I will have to purchase some and give it a try. I have another bad-tasting variant in my book, and I had to make a bunch of different versions.
  5. Oh, I just googled that! Looks like a good option! Thank you!
  6. The reason is the customer is a creepy guy who requests Sex with a Crocodile, knowing it doesn't exist and that there are no custom drinks at this club. So the bartender purposefully makes him a bad-tasting variant of Sex with an Alligator.
  7. Dear Cocktail Gurus: For the purposes of a book, I would like to make a bad-tasting version of the cocktail, Sex with an Alligator. The recipe I have for this beverage is: sweet and sour mix, melon liqueur, raspberry liqueur, and Jagermeister. I would like to switch out one of these ingredients, such that the final drink visually resembles the original, but tastes as badly as possible. The switch needs to take place at a bar, so using ingredients available at a bar (I would assume switch out one of the alcohols). Does anyone have any suggestions? Being that I am generally ignorant regarding alcohol and cocktails, I have no idea where to start. I appreciate all suggestions! Thanks!
  8. Hi Everyone, First of all, I should clarify I know essentially nothing about the culinary arts. However, I have question for someone who does. I'm excited I found this forum because I've been casting around a bit, unsure where to go. Best, 🙂 Smithgirl
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