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  1. I spoke with the customer support agents at Breville, and Polyscience Culinary. I suspect they're trying to get me to go away and stop asking. What version of firmware is your unit running?
  2. I'm having a very difficult time trying to get either Breville or PolyScience to provide me with a firmware update for my unit. I'm on software version 110 54, and their documentation line references firmware version 111 55. A representative told me that firmware 111 55 wound up never actually being released, and that there will not be firmware updates released for this device. What version of the firmware are you guys on? According to https://www.breville.com/content/dam/breville/us/assets/miscellaneous/instruction-manual/commercial/CMC850-instruction-manual.pdf If using software version “110 54”, copying onto another cooker will overwrite the stored items on that cooker. That's really a shame.
  3. Got mine today. Wow, is it a game changer. I made tapioca pudding and the texture came together so effortlessly that it's going to force me to reexamine my own experiences about what constitutes a simmer or a boil. It makes me feel inadequate, and I love that.
  4. After reading this thread, I had to order one. My unit is arriving tomorrow. Has anyone found a location to share preset files? If there isn't one, I might setup a website for that purpose.
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