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  1. Hi Alex, We are opening a new hawaiian restaurant/bar in Santa Barbara called Uncle's. Projected open is april. Thanks for the welcome! A friend suggested I come here to ask these kinds of questions instead of reddit.
  2. Does anyone have any recipes for Forbidden Fruit Liqueur? I'm about to launch a new menu and we are making in house, but I wanted to see how on or off base I am, since I've never been lucky enough to try the real stuff. There is a bottle on ebay right now, but sadly it's out of my budget.... Here's what I was able to come up with based on looking into various sources online and in print: Maceration: 300 ml inexpensive grape brandy 300 ml vodka 100 proof 150 ml high quality grapefruit syrup (giffard or d'arbo is my go-to) zest of one pommelo Maceration instructions: let macerate covered overnight or for 48 hours if possible Run maceration through a fine filter and set aside Add 0.5 grams of citric acid powder to balance acidity (or to taste) Any suggestions folks? Thanks! T
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