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  1. Hello, Here's a quick intro message. My late father (11/6/11 - 12/13/98) arrived in the USA on Labor Day 1929. He departed Germany just after completing his apprenticeship as a baker in Ludwigsburg, Germany. When he married, early in 1935, Mom announced that since he was a baker she was committed to their finding a bakeshop and building a successful business in it. After a rocky first year and a few 'one customer days' they fought the Great Depression and completed 30 years in business in Highland Park, IL. You can still find references to it on Google: http://thepeoplehistorymemories.blogspot.com/2007/01/illinois-baums-bakery.html https://patch.com/illinois/highlandpark/who-has-the-sweetest-treat-around-highlandpark I'm the middle child, born on Good Friday in 1940. I made my career doing research in organic chemistry in Palo Alto, CA. Especially since retiring I've made 'remembered' and invented Christmas pastries to share with family and friends each year. I'm also a fan of Harold McGee, once a fellow Palo Altan, who has done his best to help me understand why some of the techniques I use make sense. I'd like to share and discuss that understanding here as time permits. I'll attach one convenient introductory photo taken 10 years ago. Thanks for this community. baumgrenze
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