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  1. For many years, generations of my family have made Apple scones for special occasions. I'm trying to find the origins of this 'dish'. It's made as a flatbread with mashed potato in the dough. They are rolled into circles then sliced apple is placed on one side. They are folded in half, pan fried for a bit then placed in the oven. Whilst in the oven, they are basted with copious quantities of butter & sugar for hours. Eventually the butter/sugar mix forms a sauce (my father calls it 'gravy') and this is served over each scone. Typically, in our family, they were made by the men and took ALL day to make. I'm aware that the name is very likely to be incorrect, but that is what I've grown up with but I'd really like to know what it should be called and regionally, where it might have come from. All ideas would be great!
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