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  1. Good evening, Back in 1967 when the World's Fair was held on some islands on the St. Lawrence River. My wife (at the time) and I ate in a lovely, older, restaurant that I believe was in a hotel in downtown Montreal. I don't remember the name (although I thought it was the Lord Beaverbrook but I think I am incorrect) The restaurant was very fine. I remember many wait persons and they were very well dressed in what I kind of remember to be black pants, white shirts, black vests, and ties. The tables had fine linen tablecloths and thick napkins. I seem to remember more than one server took care of our table. I remember the dining room to be quite spacious and having a number of tables and patrons. I have no recollection of the food but do fondly remember the service and experience. I was wondering if anyone might remember the name, and history, of this restaurant and if it is still in existence. Thank you.
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