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  1. Yep - but moving and have to buy a range/ oven so seems like a logical question
  2. hello- looking for opinions on a new home oven for a home based business baker of macarons, pastries and breads. I have a gas convection now and am considering going electric if it performs better - I've been satisfied with gas but it does seem to surge a lot during bakes (I haven't measured internal temp during for varying Temps but is sounds like it might) - as i am getting a new oven wondering whether true convection is worth it - same for those with two fans - thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks ChocoMom and all - these look perfect! https://www.nashvillewraps.com/cellophane/biodegradable-bags/p-54
  4. Aloha - my enjoyment of making and giving away my culinary adventures has left me feeling a bit guilt-laden about the use of poly-plastic or CELLO (also plastic) gift bags for my give-aways to friends. Our island has banned the use of grocery plastic bags, most recently styrofoam and soon to be plastic straws, so I am feeling a little guilty buying plastic bags for gifting when other options are available. After a bit of exploration, I realize that there is a lot of false advertising in terms of cellophane (plant-based biodegradable) bags vs poly vs opp vs plastic. Some companies use Cello or Cellophane in the title or description but are actually plastic. Does anyone have recommendations for a brand or supplier for 5"x9" (130mmX240mm) or near size biodegradable gift bags? Mahalo, AtHomeMaui
  5. Thanks all - I have only used the frig between a couple of times - sort of afraid that cold shock might impact temper - but worth a try as I have hit a rut - I have an IR thermometer and feel confident as I use it for other things and it has been on mark. I didn't see any comments about whether anyone religiously follows the temps on the product packaging - getting a sense that most do not, but rather follow the temps outlined above and develop a feel. Appreciate the fast responses!
  6. Last 2 thoughts - I double dip the caramels and it seems like the first dip chocolate is in temper - I think that I may be losing temper on the second round of dipping - I use a heat gun to raise the temperature of the chocolate, as it lowers with dipping - could invest in a heating pad? Even at the 88F in the second dip the chocolate seems tight? Perhaps I will try a new batch in temper for the second dip as perhaps the caramel is affecting the chocolate?
  7. To Follow Package temperature ranges or NOT? I have successfully tempered dark chocolate (for bon bons and dipped caramels) in the past and of late have resumed with consistent failures - been using microwave to melt and then cooling, adding mycryo 1% at 93F then cooling to 88F and reheating to 92-93F - also tried seeding instead - both blooming - tests on parchment strips in frig are fine. Final products bloom - I am using the chocolate to dip caramels which I have done without difficulty in the past. Tonight I tries using the temperature ranges on the Valrhona guanaja package (which scare me!) - Melting 131/136F, Crystallization 82/84F, and Manual Working 88/90F. The Melt seems very high, the crystallization very cool (my home is ~80F in Hawaii no AC ), and the Working too low (tends to be tight to work with) - again Bloom on 48 salted espresso caramels. Should I disregard the packaging temp ranges and just follow the general concept - melt to 113-115, seed to cool to 88, then up to 92-93F which worked in the past? Attached are some older pics of my success. And no, I never wrote down any notes of my prior successes! grrhhh Feeling like I no longer have my chocolate super powers! Green Kryptonite!! Suggestions appreciated!
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