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  1. Thats the newer model of mine but same exact toaster just copper lol
  2. https://www.etsy.com/listing/104716823/antique-working-copper-toaster-by?show_sold_out_detail=1
  3. That toast master is one shiny toaster =) the copper is gorgeous on it ill post the copper version of mine in a minute
  4. I had no idea but theres a copper top as well p2856 mine is p2855
  5. Heck yeah only thing i have modern is my stove and fridge bc my old fridge shot the bills threw the roof but worked super awesome and my old stove from 33 i restored i was offered 2500 for so i couldnt refuse
  6. Somewhat but not much use tbh was like trying to read greek or trying to set the clock on a vcr with the manual so i pulled the chrome and found the mechanism had slipped out of place also had the timer out of wack to so now it works like a charm after i put everything back in place i was trying fix this particular toaster for sentimental reasons that and i always liked looking into the chrome on it
  7. Hallabat

    Hi Everyone

    I hope to meet you all eventually right now up to my neck in home repairs and restoration at my new home i just bought
  8. wow i feel dumb no one wonder I couldn't find the repair booklet I was typing toastamatic not toastamagic LOL
  9. So i found this old toaster in my parents attic needed a new cord and a good cleaning after i got it fixed and cleaned i tried make some toast one problem i got charcoal out of it bc it wouldnt pop up it was built in new britain connecticut and manufactured by Landers Frary and Clark model is P2855 and watt rating is 1050
  10. Hallabat

    Hi Everyone

    Sure am glad to be here got lots of vintage appliances and a love for food aswell as love for tinkering with old kitchen equipment