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  1. Christine - Just wondering if Picnic is still planning on offering cooking classes this fall??
  2. I think SJ Moss is talking about Cafe Matisse in Rutherford, not Matisse in Belmar.
  3. Can anyone recommend a restaurant in the Princeton area for Lunch/Brunch on a Sunday for approximately 15 people. Thanks!
  4. Lunch at Nags Head at 801 Asbury Ave for Crabs Cakes also (other food is very good as well). Also Hula Grill on the Boardwalk. You have to go to Reddy's on 8th between Asbury and Central for a great "old fashion" breakfast.
  5. No, Just some place with good food and cocktails close to the Puck building. We won't have alot of time so we don't want to have to walk too far.
  6. Needs suggestions for a place to get a relatively quick bite to eat with good food near the Puck Building at 293 Lafayette. Cocktails would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. We will be going down to the Freemont area also. The families test is pretty diverse, but you're right, spicey is probably the only thing I'd stay away from. I think everyone enjoys fish and pasta too.
  8. tippingvelvet, I'll tell you what's a foodie girl to do? If you win it big, DITCH THEM and go wherever you wanr!! And let us know what kind of food you want, okay?? And I suppose your traveling companions (You didn't say "friends", so I won't say "friends" either) don't mind spending $150-200 a person to watch Cirque du Soleil or Celine Dion, or go to the slots & tables, ehh?? Perhaps this is a business trip? Pardon me if I'm being a bit officious ... Please specify how much is "moderately priced?" $25 a person? $50? $100? Remember, let them know that ... "This is Las Vegas, mon" ... Some buffets are pretty good for breakfast or lunch, like the one in the Bellagio. In fact, there are a few places at the Bellagio you should try: Sensi for lunch, depending on prices; J-P Maury Patisserie with their world-class pastries and made-to-order crepes. If you want BBQ, there's Memphis Championship Barbecue, off the Strip on Warm Springs, just south/southeast of the airport. molto e, Lotus of Siam is off the Strip and Rosemary's is WAY off the Strip. I hope this helps. ← Hi Russell, This is actually FAMILY......my uncle (85) and his 4 daugthers (in their 50's) and me (in my early 40's). This was what he wanted to do for his 85th Birthday. I might be able to get them to spend $50 per person for dinner, but I'm also having trouble getting any commitment at all on shows. I can just see the six of us walking around aimlessly for 5 days. This bunch would rather just spend their money gambling, I'd rather spend it on food (but I'm in the minority). I'd like to have some idea what we're doing I don't want to eat buffet or deli every night, which is what I'm afraid we'll fall into if we don't have some direction. I'm not sure I'll get them to go to Lotus of Siam either?? Sounds good to me though. Any help would be appreciated. This is not actually a money thing.....it's different priorities but I'm hoping to be convincing if I just had some ideas. Thanks for the help.
  9. Going to Vegas in a few weeks and I'm not going with foodies I have already been warned that they have no intention of taking out a bank loan to pay for dinnerd. What's a foodie girl to do? Any suggestions for moderately priced "good" dining in Vegas, preferably on the strip - no car. (I guess I can kiss any celebrity-chef dining good-bye.) I'll be staying at the Monte Carlo.
  10. I ended up at Piccollo Cafe (in the spot that used to be Mamma Tucci's in Madison). It's been there about 6 mos. I thought it was OK. My friend and I split the Picollo Salad which consisted of poached pears, candied walnuts, gorganzola and greens with a raspberry vinagrette....very good. For an entree (special) I had shrimp and peas with a buternut squash sauce over tortelinni (I passed on the tortelinni and had additional veggies.) I thought this was just OK, shrimp was mushy and the whole combo just didn't mesh well. Might have gone better on tortelinni, so that might have been my fault. My friend had a special also which was sword fish chunks in a porcini mushroom sauce over linguini. Again didn't mesh very well, but OK. I would probably give the place another try though. We also had two cups of coffee and without tip it was $62.00
  11. Mamma Tucci's is gone (I liked it there too.) I also liked the Brick Oven, but not sure when they are re-opening. What's Poor Herbie's like?
  12. Need a restaurant suggestion for this evening in the Morristown, Madison, Florham Park Area, Whippany, etc. (I've recently been to Pazzo Pazzo, Sushi Lounge and Origins so I'm looking for some place different.) Not interested in Copeland, Calliloo or Famished Frog.) Can be BYO or Not. Moderately priced - entrees $17-$25, good food.
  13. I always assume it means below 14th... What does it mean for you, tippingvelvet? ← For me downtown is anything below 23rd (including East, West Village, Meatpacking, Tribecca, Alphabet, Soho,Lower East Side, etc.)
  14. I live in Jersey and myself and a few friends (30's & 40's) are coming into the City tomorrow around 3:00 pm just to Walk around, Hangout, Drink & have dinner. I'd like to stay downtown, anyone have any ideas or favorite areas they could suggest we go????
  15. Try Red's in Point Pleasant or Heatwave/Main St. in Bayhead. Both have good food. Red's has a raw bar outside.
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