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  1. damaaster

    Drinks! 2018

    No Doubt...I've been buying Diplomatico for a couple years now - its my go to rum - for rum old fashioned's...but mostly just as a nice sipper. So good.
  2. A bit of background. I am Canadian - and more specifically from Manitoba - which means all our liquor sales are governed by the province. This means our selection is pretty limited. That said, every now and then, they do special releases, (limited quantities). Over the weekend I went to my first ever limited release, and was really hoping to score a bottle of Weller 12. I've heard great things, and have also heard how hard they are to find (even in the USA). I brought 2 friends of mine with me, because I assumed it would be a limit of 1 bottle per customer (which it was). Anyways, long story short, I was able to walk away with THREE bottles of Weller 12. I also snagged 2 Stagg Jrs (which i don't THINK are as rare...however we never get them up here so I am not sure). I also grabbed 2 bottles of E.H Single Barrel (again - we never get any E.H up here). This may not be a huge deal for some of the American's on here - but I'm pretty excited...I think I'm going to have to make some trips down to the USA to try and find a few other good bottles we can't get up here. I haven't opened any of them yet - as I am just getting over a cold, and want to be 100% when I crack em. What should I try first?
  3. Today I finally splurged a bit - and decided to buy this bottle that I've heard so many good things about but have never actually tried. Hope it was worth it:) Photo's of my Bar & Recipe Ideas
  4. damaaster

    Drinks! 2018

    For “Old Fashioned Week” I decided I wanted to try and create my own version of the classic drink. I needed some inspiration…. I’ve always looked up to my older cousin. He is now a Canadian Diplomat and an all around amazing guy (even though he once traded me a worthless Pat Falloon hockey card for my Paul Kariya rookie card). I have since forgiven him, and decided to make a drink in his honor. I wanted to make a drink that resembled him as close as possible so here it goes: 2 Oz DIPLOMATico Rhum .25 oz Pure Canadian Maple Sugar A few drops of Manitoba Made Law Abiding Aromatic Bitters Topped with an orange twist Stirred on ice, and strained into an old fashioned glass over a large ice ball. Finished with an orange twist. My cousin is also known for always wearing formal clothing, ties, suits, etc -even to non formal events…so I decided to stage one photo for him as well(see images) Full Recipe & Others Here
  5. damaaster

    Drinks! 2018

    I was in the (un) fortunate position of noticing I should probably use up the vermouth in my fridge...so made a tasty negroni before bed last night. Decided to go with 1.5 oz gin, and 1 oz of campari/vermouth. Added some grapefruit zest & grapefruit twist to top off over giant ice ball. I enjoy a Negroni before dinner/with appetizers like everyone else - but I also really enjoy one right before bed. Anyone else? https://moneymaaster.wordpress.com/2018/09/05/negroni/
  6. Lately, Diplomatico Exclusiva Rum. However, I've also been using it in an old fashioned as well (rum old fashioned)..and it's been lovely. Pic & ingredients/directions here: https://moneymaaster.wordpress.com/2018/03/17/diplomatico-exlusiva-rum-old-fashioned/
  7. damaaster

    Drinks! 2018

    In the spirit of Negroni week, I decided to do a take on a Negroni Fizz with lemon and grapefruit. Was quite enjoyable Full recipe and directions on my blog as well: https://moneymaaster.wordpress.com/2018/06/06/happy-negroni-week-my-take-on-the-negroni-fizz/
  8. damaaster

    Drinks! 2018

    Did a take of my favorite cocktail - with my current favorite sipping rum. Diplomatico Rum Old Fashioned: 2.5 Oz Diplomatico Exlusiva Rum .25 oz Simple Syrup 4 Dashes Angostura Aromatic Bitters Orange Zest/Orange peel Garnish https://moneymaaster.wordpress.com/2018/03/17/diplomatico-exlusiva-rum-old-fashioned/
  9. damaaster

    Drinks! 2018

    The recipe I had didn't call for any lemon juice. (It was from "My Bar" cocktail app). Perhaps I'll try it again and add some lemon juice
  10. damaaster

    Drinks! 2018

    First of all - just wanted to say I am extremely jealous of some of the choices you American's get as far as booze goes. Here in Canada - we can only get what our Liquor commission decides to sell - and we pay a hefty premium I made a new drink for my sister "The Pink Lady" https://moneymaaster.wordpress.com/2018/03/03/off-topic-the-pink-lady/ I also really need to get some nice swizzle sticks, and cocktail cherries...haha
  11. damaaster

    Drinks! 2018

    ^^ Looks great! Just curious where did you find those Swizzle Sticks/cocktail picks? I've been looking for something similar for a while now - but can only ever find the bamboo ones, or the tacky plastic colorful ones.
  12. damaaster

    Drinks! 2018

    Hi Everyone, I am new here (and to the cocktail culture). I've always enjoyed having some drinks with friends & family - but I've recently become obsessed with making cocktails at home. Here are a few creations from the last couple of weeks (probably pretty amateur for most here - but have to start somewhere). In order: Boulvardier Whiskey Sour (this was my first attempt at using egg whites in a drink at it turned out great). White Lady
  13. Hey there! Just stumbled across this site today- and it is exactly what I have been looking for. I am especially interested in the Spirits/Cocktails section as this is an area I've recently become obsessed with. I am a 34 year old from Canada with 2 kids. I have a personal finance blog - but lately have added a section to it that includes some of my cocktail concoctions. I am hoping I can learn from a few of the experienced members on the site to help me improve my abilities and hopefully discover some delicious treats along the way. Thanks for having me.