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  1. Drinks! 2018

    ^^ Looks great! Just curious where did you find those Swizzle Sticks/cocktail picks? I've been looking for something similar for a while now - but can only ever find the bamboo ones, or the tacky plastic colorful ones.
  2. Drinks! 2018

    Hi Everyone, I am new here (and to the cocktail culture). I've always enjoyed having some drinks with friends & family - but I've recently become obsessed with making cocktails at home. Here are a few creations from the last couple of weeks (probably pretty amateur for most here - but have to start somewhere). In order: Boulvardier Whiskey Sour (this was my first attempt at using egg whites in a drink at it turned out great). White Lady
  3. Hey there! Just stumbled across this site today- and it is exactly what I have been looking for. I am especially interested in the Spirits/Cocktails section as this is an area I've recently become obsessed with. I am a 34 year old from Canada with 2 kids. I have a personal finance blog - but lately have added a section to it that includes some of my cocktail concoctions. I am hoping I can learn from a few of the experienced members on the site to help me improve my abilities and hopefully discover some delicious treats along the way. Thanks for having me.