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  1. A friend of mine is an excellent cook and while I am a knife guy, camping knives, that is, I didn't really know how to properly use a knife in the kitchen. I asked my friend about technique and he handed me his well-worn copy of Chad Ward's "An Edge in the Kitchen" saying he loans it out to everyone who asks how to use a knife. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and found it quite informative. I'm using the pinch-grip when holding my chef's knife and am amazed at the increased control it affords. I can dice onions much more quickly than before. Now I'm looking at Japanese steels and am planning to ask for a pair of waterstones for Christmas. I purchased my own copy of "An Edge in the Kitchen" (my friend will ultimately want his copy returned) and was trying to track down Chad via HarperCollins. In his bio they mention he hangs out at egullet.org so over I came. I looked around and noticed a theme of informative, helpful threads and a notable lack of trolls and thought this would be a group to join. So here we go... Hello, my name is Greg and I am a knife addict. I've discovered that I really, really, really want thinner knives which I can hone to scary sharpness and use in the kitchen...