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  1. Ripening an Avocado

    That could explain the brown pockets of rotten fruit on the surface. The same occurs on our Mexican avocados if allowed to ripen too long. What puzzles me about the Peruvian avocados is that they become ripe near the rind while still hard towards the seed. They feel ripe but are not.
  2. Ripening an Avocado

    First post on any forum here, so be kind. I've just about given up on Peruvian avocados due to their uneven ripening. I've gotten the same results from Peruvian avocados purchased from either Sam's Club and Costco. When I test them with finger pressure, the same as I do for Mexican avies, they seem ripe but when opened are still hard on the inside. If I wait another day or two after one seems ripe, it's already started rotting towards the outside. We typically lose about 1/3 of a bag due to uneven ripening. We never lose a Mexican avocado to uneven ripening. Our home temp stays at about 74 degrees F. at countertop level with a humidity level around 50%. I've searched the Internet for clues about this problem but there's virtually no info about it. Has anyone else experienced ripening difficulties with Peruvian avocados?