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  1. Hi everyone, I've had this concern from a long time and I think this would be the right place to talk about it. What do you do with the leftover food in your restaurants? How much food do you think goes wasted? I recently came across this infographic ( https://www.unipointsoftware.com/food-waste-facts/ ) that clearly shows the statics of the amount of food that goes wasted around the world, in different stages of its process. These food wasted in each stage of food process is the main cause of world hunger. What we consider as a small waste is actually contributing to a greater loss. Has anyone ever thought of this? What are your views and suggestions?
  2. Been using Chaga tea for some time now. Its really refreshes your mind and body. It has high level of antioxidants along with a variety of vitamins and minerals. You will really enjoy it, it is really good for your health and your mind.
  3. Loi254

    Hash Brown

    Well I think you should use a non stick for preparing Hash browns, it allows for nice even browning without fear of tearing. Try this and let us know how the dish turns out.
  4. I prefer my champagne slightly cold. But I do believe that a traditional champagne flute will preserve carbonation best.
  5. Loi254

    What to do with an overly sweet Riesling

    Riesling to me is the best wine to be used in cooking. The aroma, acidic intensity and sweetness makes it a really good addition for spicy foods. I mainly use the sweet Riesling in my minced chicken satay, sweet and sour pork and my favorite Chinese chicken salad. It adds a little twist to the flavors and the dishes taste really good. You should definitely try it in cooking rather than throwing away a good bottle of wine.
  6. Loi254

    Hey everyone!

    Hey all! I'm new to this community. Really glad to be a part of this family. Thanks for having me here.