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  1. Chromedome, Things are rather quiet in the village during winter and our hours are limited as such, we are actually sorting our winter hours now. But if you are thinking of coming up I highly recommend Nov 28-29 which is the Village's "Christmas in the Village." It is a community wide craft fare which is well worth the trip and gets lots of visitors as an annual event which draws from all three cities. Sadly I will be missing it this year, but My wife and son should have things under control. TicTac, you can see some pictures on the website Steamers' bed and breakfast and on facebook too. kayb, you really should. Our property is on the bank of the Saint John River, which is amazing and has been described as the Rhine of North America. From our place a 45minute scenic drive along the river gets you to the Bay of Fundy.
  2. All good. Happy to answer questions and invite conversation. Even if people can dig for stuff on there own, and I put stuff on a web page, it doesn't mean that follow up conversation can't better answer any questions they may have. In fact I might learn something too. Hell even of the extent of the conversation is something like... "Where in NB?" "We're in the Village of Gagetown (not to be confused with base Gagetown that is about half an hour up the road)" "Cool thanks" Right there I learned that you are interested in what we are doing and might stop by if ever in the area, or possibly tell someone to stop by and check us out if they are in the area, where as I wouldn't have known that if you were just lurking. Cheers Gary
  3. Seeing that there are others with interests in classic cocktails from a more civilized era, I thought you might enjoy this. It is the cocktail list for the old New Yorker Hotel's Manhattan Room. I stumbled across the image while surfing the net and images of Art-Deco architecture. Here is the link to the article as well (although it is topically irrelevant, but some of you might enjoy that too, plus it makes the site's hard working moderators happy to site sources, thanks Smitthy) Atlas Obscura: Exploring art-deco artifacts of the New Yorker hotel Gary
  4. Hello all, still reading through the thread but thought I'd jump in anyhow. At our place which we focus on traditional the Sazerac is brandy base as it was meant to be, however we do offer it with Whisky (Gibson's 12yr) or Bourbon. My son has adopted this drink as his signature and has created a couple of devotees. He has developed a wonderful technique of rolling a round ice ball in an old fashioned glass to distribute the absinthe (yes we get the good stuff in Canada) and consistently hits the perfect amount that no dumping is required. This is the last thing he does before pouring the stirred brandy/rich simple syrup/bitters over the ball as well and garnish with a twist of lemon peel. The ice ball looks sharp and gives a unique and distinctive look to the drink and allows the glass to be appropriately full with a 2oz pour (not quite as traditional but marketing has to factor sometimes and this is once where departure from the line of tradition works well) Myself I far prefer the sazerac with brandy as intended than with either whisky or bourbon. If in the mood for either of those I will go to the traditional Old Fashioned (my personal favourite and signature cocktail). Gary
  5. Sounds a lot like what we're doing in New Brunswick. We are a full B&B with breakfast, but the old place has a bar and dining rooms, so we are also a Cocktail bar and Coffee shop. Turn of the century rooms, and turn of the century cocktails. I love having a small bar of my own, but the drawback is the NB liquor licensing laws say I can't consume alcohol while we're open, so I have to wait all night before being able to try out new drinks.
  6. Hello. The Reed & Thistle is the name of our pub (more classic cocktail bar in an old world setting than pub proper at the moment however). Located in the Village of GagetownNew Brunswick, Canada. I say NB...sort of because I am not at home for the next few months, but that is where the business and family are. We have just purchased a former Inn/ B&B which had a restaurant and bar. The property was closed for the past decade so we are still fixing things up and the kitchen isn't up to current code yet, but we are operating as a B&B and have our liquor license to run the bar and coffee shop too, so off and running. As classic cocktails and local craft beers are the focus of the bar, I naturally will be mostly posting and reading in that section, but as we progress in the venture I may stick my head out from time to time. Cheers, Gary
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