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  1. rks


    These 'interactive' theme restaurants/bars are popular in Japan. I guess the Japanese restauranteurs are bringing some of the flair stateside.
  2. rks


    Has anyone been? Looking for a reservation number or website to the restaurant. Not sure how it compares to the best Japanese restaurants in the city, but I hear it's as pricey as Megu.
  3. As an Amritsari removed, the 'Amritsar Street Food' article brings back wonderful memories. As my grandparents still have a 'koti' in the Old City ('shaar' as Amrtisaris call it), I've navigated the labryinth of streets eating the best kulchas and drinking the best coma-inducing lassis. I have to agree with mongo here. Having eaten 'bhutta' in both places, the best 'bhutta' is in Punjab. They grow it Punjab for goodness sakes!
  4. Thanks Suvir. Unfortunately no commercial opportunities nor for any restaurant, just inquisitive.
  5. What brand of Indian condiments do you use? Sauces, chutneys, pickles. Is Patak's the best brand?
  6. rks


    Bikky is well versed in his wines. He definitely deserves kudos.
  7. rks


    founder of Best Cellars, a great wine store: Best Cellars
  8. One other interesting concept I would add to the list is Tiffinbites (http://www.tiffinbites.com/index.htm) . It's a quick-service restaurant specializing in takeout Indian food. I think there are now three locations in London. The two founders previously worked for a retail chain. Very ingenious in applying retail skills to the food business.
  9. I've heard good things about Mint Leaf in Suffolk Place. The kitchen is run by an ex-Cinnamon Club chef. It opened this past July.
  10. I've always enjoyed eating some of the more exotic fruits at my grandmother's house in Amritsar--pomegranates, my favorite hands down. She's always creative in making fruit chaats--bananas, oranges, apples, guava,and pomegranates. I think that's what turned me on to raw food in Indian cuisine. It was usually a mix of my favorite fruits and just a little of her own blend of "kaala mirch', black salt. I bring a large tin of the black salt upon every visit. I use it on everything. Very similar to chaat masala but a little more peppery.
  11. I was reading a review of Charlie Trotters book Raw and thought it would be interesting to hear ideas on how you would make a "raw" Indian dish. Charlie Trotter defines raw as "using the best possible ingredients at the height of their seasons, and not adulterating their flavors." All the dishes are prepared with basic techniques--juicing, dehydrating, and slicing preserving all the nutritional value avoiding the enzyme-rupturing process that intense heat induces. what would be best ingredients? would you incorporate lots of spices to make a "raw" dish Indian? what would be the quintessential ingredient to a "raw" Indian dish?
  12. to get a good idea of the scope of beers sold you should go to Bierkraft in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Richard Sholz, the owner, has compiled a menu of about 650 beers that run the gambit of flavors. some pair very well with indian food. it's one of the best places to experiment and try new beers in nyc.
  13. rks

    $6 bhelpuri

    Many of the people posting on the India forum have a connection to India whether it's their ethnicty or country of residence. Thus, they have a greater understanding of the food they in Indian restaurants and the how food in India is eaten. As for bhel phuri, I as an Indian know it as a cheaply priced street side snack along with many other posters here. On the flip side, my American friends have no clue it's considered street food but know it as some sort of Indian salad, justifying the price depending on the level of dining the restaurant provides. An "American" metaphor to bhel is the burger. It should cost no more than $3-$4. But, at DB Bistro, a Daniel Boulud's restaurant in NYC, he serves a dressed-up burger upwards of $40. The point is price and perception all depends on the eyes of the beholder.
  14. rks


    Good work Suvir and Hemant. Your educate us of the unchartered territory of Indian cuisine in the US.
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