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  1. I usually only temper 2-4 pounds a few times a year. I was looking for a smaller model, but the mol d'art 3kg is almost the same price. Is there a smaller chocolate melter with accurate temperature control? 

    I've used a hot pad for melting. What heating pad did you use? 

  2. I am looking to take my home based chocolate hobby to the next level or at least make bigger batches. I'm debating between the Krea Swiss Chocmelter 6kg and the Mol d'Art 6kg melter. I'm leaning toward the Krea Swiss as it is digital and sounds like it melts faster, but there aren't many reviews out there. I saw from their Facebook that Kerry Beal used one at the Toronto Chocolate show. Can anyone tell me if they have any experience with the Chocmelter, good or bad?

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