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  1. A colostrum update... well it didn't re-hydrate well. The fat stayed as fats. Globs of butter which would never pass through a nipple on a lamb bottle. Additionally the quality tested below average. Not worth all those hours for sure unless I can figure out a way to break up the butter. But, pulled pork is amazing! I had smoked two pork butts on Saturday for a cookout on Sunday and ended up with quite a bit left. Which I sort of planned on. Froze a bunch but decided to try two trays as an experiment. Two trays of meatballs (halved, something I think I saw mentioned on this forum) because I got them at a bargain and the two trays of meatballs took about 22 hours. I lost track of the time because I freaked out when I found it was done when I got up!!! And the trays had turned back to ice. So I set it to dry for an hour and everything was fine.
  2. I do a lot smoking of meats, briskets mostly. Is there any change in flavor, should I be careful of certain woods? Anyone done much with smoked meats?
  3. LOL, I guess I should have specified it was cow colostrum! For the lambs I add yogurt to the mix to increase the fats. But this batch is from a good Jersey cow.
  4. I am not sure, I can buy freeze dried but I don't know the loss of IG. I am calling around to see who has a tester. I've read that 50% could be lost, in that case just halve the water. But there may be no loss. Currently we deal with it frozen but it's slow to thaw and when you need it it's usually an emergency so it would be much faster to have it in the freeze dried state. And of course you can NOT microwave it. And I'd have more room for food in the freezer!
  5. Heh Gang! Just got my machine and it's up and running well. One of the things that is taking me time is knowing how much I can get on a tray. Like eggs. I know now that I can do 18 eggs per tray, medium eggs, hens just started laying a month ago. And I am tracking my times on things. 3 bananas per tray... I think I've read every post on Part 1 and Part 2 and I've not seen anything to give me clues. I've searched the internet and not seen much either. Did I miss it? Just a simple list with total batch time would be helpful too. How many apples? That way I will know how much to buy, beg or borrow! Oh, by the way, tray holds 1 quart of colostrum, and I would assume milk too.